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WMD Guns is a Stuart, Florida, based company. WMD was founded in 2011 and the brainchild of a group of gunsmiths and manufacturing technology buffs who sought to bring consumers in the small arms community high-quality coatings that provide performance unmatched elsewhere in the firearms industry. WMD Guns has reached beyond simply making their mark on the industry. Today, they offer custom coating services to the firearms community as well as the coating OEM components for a number of other manufacturers.

WMD Guns: Quality Parts

Wing Tactical offers WMD’s line of high-quality firearm components ranging from fire control group parts to bolt carrier groups and gas system components. Every piece that WMD sends to market is specially designed for optimum performance with their cutting-edge plating in place. WMD doesn’t just polish a batch of inferior parts and add a quick coat of someone else’s juice, they control their designs and processes from the ground up to produce a superior product with coatings that lead the industry in durability.

Proprietary Processes Yield Superior Results

WMD uses advanced coating processes to produce finishes that exceed industry expectations and provide shooters with components that provide longer more accurate service lives.

The WMD exclusive Nickel Boron process, NiB-X coating, is a proprietary retooling of the nickel boron plating process. WMD starts by building their own plating solution from raw constituents, creating a custom blend that produces a superior finish when applied with WMD’s superior methods. WMD’s lead-free NiB-X coating is deposited in a far more consistent layer than other nickel boron plating processes yield and once heat treated, it’s easily the hardest nickel boron surface treatment on the market.

WMD NiB-X is extremely friction and wear resistant and features a superior inherent lubricity that not only allows for smooth, free moving operation of treated parts but also promises easier maintenance. NiB-X treated parts are easier to clean because dirt, grime, and fouling just don’t stick to the high lubricity of the WMD NiB-X plated surface. High lubricity also allows the operator the confidence to use less additional lubricant, therefore keeping a cleaner system as there is less excess lubricant to attract and cause foreign material to stick.

Wing Tactical is Proud to Present WMD Products

At Wing Tactical we’ve built our business on bringing our customers the products they need at great values. We’re proud to work with some of the finest manufacturers in the business, making their products more accessible to the small arms community. We’re proud to count WMD Guns among the quality manufacturers we partner with. When you purchase WMD components from Wing Tactical you get an unbeatable combination of cutting-edge components and superior customer service. Buy with confidence and give yourself an edge.