MPN: MAG980 / MAG932 / MAG940 / MAG950


  • Large ramp area for easier and faster magazine reloading
  • External dimensions ensure minimal printing when carrying concealed
  • Compatible with Magpul, and most OEM or aftermarket magazine floor plates
  • Compatible with most common after-market magazine extensions
  • Easy installation


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 0.28 oz.


  • MAG908: Glock Gen3 - G17 / G17L / G22 / G24 / G31 / G34 / G35 / G37
  • MAG932: Glock Gen4 - G17 / G22 / G31 / G34 / G35 / G37
  • MAG940: Glock Gen3 - G19 / G23 / G32 / G38
  • MAG950: Glock Gen4 - G19 / G23 / G32

Note: Not compatible with factory Glock reduced capacity 10 rd magazines

Magpul Glock Magwell Fitment Chart:

Magpul Glock Magwell Fitment Chart



Anyone can use one hand to find the other. If your reason for doing this involves changing magazines, either while focusing on a target, or returning fire, the task becomes daunting. This is because it isn’t always easy to stuff a rectangular box into a rectangular space, the normal conformation of most pistol magazines and magwells.

Magpul’s Solution For Glock Magwell

Magpul Industries offers a solution for the Glock magazine/magwell configuration. The Magpul Glock magwell extension adds an improved flare to the stock Glock magwell. It allows a fresh mag to be smoothly slammed home, even from weird angles.

Covering the Glock Magwell Differences

Between the various iterations of Glock magazine, there are some differences in floor plates. Magpul has this covered with an extension that handles these differences, from Glock 19 and Glock 17 through most of Glocks long list of models. The well-executed design also adds little to the Glock’s classic shape.

Magpul Glock Magwell Smooth and Light

There are expensive, metal, alternatives to Magpul's design. However, metal adds weight without offering tangible improvement. In contrast, the Magpul Glock Magwell extension is constructed from durable, reinforced polymer. You won’t notice the added weight. You also won’t experience problems when dropping a magazine. The smooth, flared design of the extension makes magazine changes less daunting and potentially much faster.

In addition to the Glock 19 and Glock 17, These Magpul magwell extensions will fit other models of the Glock.

This Magpul GL Enhance Magwell is a nice upgrade for Glock pistols, and it will do the job you want it to.


Magpul Glock Magwell Installation



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