KKM Precision .40 S&W Match Barrel for Glock 22

KKM Precision .40 S&W Match Barrel for Glock 22

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  • Heat treated and vacuum tempered to 42 RC
  • Advanced proprietary button rifling process offer greater accuracy
  • Superior tolerances - drop-in for Glock 22 pistols, yet better fitment and lock-up
  • Fully supported SAAMI spec match chambers for shooting factory or reloaded ammunition
  • Finish that matches your style - available in Raw Stainless Steel finish and Black Nitride


  • Caliber: .40 S&W
  • Length: 4.48"
  • Material: 416-R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Diameter: 0.589"
  • Outside Finish:
    • Black Nitride
    • Raw Stainless Steel - Matte grey chamber side with polish barrel
  • Weight: 3.7 oz.


  • Glock 22


Why let the small caliber Glock owners have all the fun? If you want a true match Glock 22 .40 cal barrel, KKM Precision has a drop-in barrel for you that will challenge the accuracy of just about any Glock 22 barrel the competition can come up with.

What Makes the KKM Glock 22 .40 Cal Barrel Special?

The secret is KKM’s dedication to accuracy. From their foundation in the 1990s, KKM has been dedicated to manufacturing the best match grade pistol barrels on the small arms market and making them available to tactical users, competition marksmen and anyone else who appreciates accuracy and attention to detail.

KKM Glock 22 Match Barrel: Superior Processes, Quality Materials

KKM Precision manufactures all of their Glock 22 .40 barrels from 416R certified barrel-quality stainless steel bars stock. That raw bar stock is precision machined on KKM’s 4-axis CNC machining centers and button rifled for superior accuracy. Button rifled barrels damage the bullet less than barrels that feature conventional rifling. That provides a more consistent, accurate flight for a tighter group that’s right on target. Chose a quality grey/silver polished finish or opt for a super durable satiny Black Nitride finish, either way, you’re getting a great barrel.

Join A Winning Team

Shooters who prefer KKM barrels have won almost every pistol competition in the world. From the NRA Nationals Champs to winners of the IPSC and IDPA World Championships and the Bianchi Cup, the alumni of most of the world’s great shooting events count KKM shooters among their ranks. When you Use KKM Glock 22 barrels you’re in good company.

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