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Wing Tactical Proudly Partners with KKM Precision to bring the small arms community easy access to the highest quality competition grade pistol barrels at a great value. Wing Tactical and KKM share the philosophy that our customers deserve the very best quality components available at prices that keep them attainable for those who wish to use them for tactical and personal use as well as competition. The entire line of KKM Precision Barrels are manufactured with state of the art manufacturing processes that yield a product that is used by many competitive shooters.

Who is KKM Precision?

KKM Precision is a family-owned, American manufacturer of match grade pistol barrels. KKM Precision was founded in the 1990s solely to produce pistol barrels with the extreme accuracy demanded by competition shooters. With more than twenty years of experience and accolades behind them and much more yet to come, KKM Precision is proud to say that their barrels have won almost every major competition in the world.

How are KKM Barrels Different?

KKM Precision Barrels feature button rifling that causes less distortion to projectiles than other types of rifling. Reduced distortion correlates directly to improved accuracy. KKM utilizes advanced 4-axis CNC technology and state of the art, purpose-built robotics to produce some of the world’s most accurate pistol barrels.

Producing KKM Barrels using cutting-edge technology isn’t the end of the story. KKM Precision uses strict oversight to hold every barrel they produce to exacting standards. This dedication to detail pays off in the form of results.

Quality Gets Results

KKM Precision Barrels are some of the most sought-after barrels in the match grade pistol market. Shooters who insist on KKM Barrels consistently rank high in both domestic and international competitions and have set numerous records. Winners of the IPSC and IDPA World Championships Bianchi Cup and NRA Nationals have all used KKM Barrels to make it happen. KKM Barrels offer the best available quality and value that makes them perfect for everyone without exception. KKM is a favorite of gunsmiths, firearms manufacturers, and the individual shooter. The only pre-qualification is the desire to have the best pistol barrel on the range.