MPN: 75000


  • MONOGRIP securely wraps around the gun frame in one piece
  • Proportioned finger grooves position the hand uniformly allowing you to point naturally - you will be on target faster and more consistently
  • COBBLESTONE texture provides an efficient non-slip, non-irritating stippling pattern
  • Molded from modern durable rubber which is virtually impervious to all oils and solvents found around firearms


  • Material: Synthetic Rubber
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 1.2 oz.


  • CZ-75 (9mm)
  • EAA Witness (9mm)
  • Tanfoglio (9mm)
  • Springfield P9 (9mm)
  • Sphinx, (9mm)


Hogue is famous for their highly ergonomic after-market grips, and now you can enjoy the benefits on your CZ-75, EAA Witness, Tanfoglio, Springfield P9, or Sphinx 9mm. This wraparound rubber grip is built around a hard polymer base layer that is made to fit these guns perfectly.

The outer layer of rubber undergoes a chemical bonding process that permanently joins it with the base layer. The rubber is textured for a no-slip grip, and the finger grooves assist with recoil management. The rubber itself is designed to absorb some of the impacts from recoil as well. These materials resist gun cleaning chemicals, so there's no cause for concern if some of your solvent or oil comes in contact with the grip. It's hard to find a quicker, cheaper, and easier way to improve the comfort and ergonomics of your handgun!

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