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A sturdy, comfortable grip is essential to ensure accuracy consistently with every shot you fire. If you want to customize your AR-15 or pistol, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our expansive selection of Hogue AR grips.

 Custom AR platform rifle equipped with Hogue grips

Looking for a New Hogue Grip? Check Out Our Comprehensive Selection

At Wing Tactical, we offer gun parts and accessories of the highest quality so that you can confidently shoot. To do that, we test all of the products we sell before offering them. If we don’t like a grip and wouldn’t use it on one of our own rifles or pistols, we won’t offer it.

After putting one of our grips on your rifle or pistol, we’re confident you’ll be satisfied the second you shoot it. All the Hogue AR grips we sell have passed comprehensive quality tests so that you can buy confidently.

Hogue wraparound government model 1911 rubberized grip

Hogue 1911 Grips

Soft to the touch, Hogue 1911 grips are in it for the long haul. A bonding agent ensures that they attach to your pistol securely.

Hogue Mossberg 500 Tamer rubberized pistol grip

Hogue Mossberg 500 Grips

Hogue’s Mossberg 500 grips give you unrivaled control of your shotgun so you can shoot with confidence in any environment.

Hogue overmolded AR-15 rubberized grip

Hogue AR Grips

With a studded texture that allows you to handle your rifle securely, Hogue AR grips can improve your control while hardly adding any weight to your weapon.

 Hogue Handall universal rubberized pistol grip sleeve mounted on a Glock pistol

Hogue Pistol Grips

Boasting a layer of recoil-absorbing rubber, Hogue pistol grip sleeves ensure a more seamless shooting experience.

Wing Tactical: Customer Service That Can’t Be Beat

We understand that when it comes to adding parts to your rifle or pistol, you have a lot of options. We pride ourselves on delivering superior customer service, so you can find all of your shooting needs in one place. Find a quality Hogue AR-15 or pistol grip that’s right for your weapon at Wing Tactical. Contact us today and give yourself an edge!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Hogue grips made in the US?

Yes. When you buy Hogue grips from Wing Tactical, you’re purchasing American-made products from a veteran-founded brand.

Do Hogue grips help with recoil?

Since many Hogue grip products are rubberized, they can help absorb some recoil. If you’re struggling with recoil (particularly on a pistol), try a rubberized Hogue grip on your next range day.

Are Hogue grips high quality?

Hogue is well-known in the small arms industry for their quality products and attention to detail. Their grips are made to last.

Why purchase an aftermarket grip?

There are a few reasons why you might want to try an aftermarket grip for your firearm:

  • You’re trying to reduce some felt recoil on your pistol
  • You’re adding a pistol grip to a shotgun
  • You're building an AR platform rifle
  • You’re looking for a grip product that’s more ergonomically suited to your hands and shooting style

Which grip type is right for your AR?

You have nearly countless choices when it comes to choosing a grip for your AR. Try out a few different models, if possible. Test out different textures, molds, and angles to find the grip that’s most comfortable and stable.