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Strike Industries Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Plate Extension (EMP)

  • Strike Industries Glock 43 Black Magazine Plate Extension
  • Glock 43 with Strike Industries EMP
  • Bottom view of the Strike Glock 43 EMP
  • Strike Industries Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Plate
  • Strike Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Base Plate
  • Strike Industries Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Plate Bottom View
  • Strike Industries Glock 43 Grip Extension
  • Strike Industries Glock 43 EMP
  • Glock 43 Grip Extension Top View
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Strike Industries Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Plate Extension (EMP)

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  • Drop-in replacement for Glock 43 standard magazine plate
  • Add 2 round capacity to Glock 43 factory 6-round magazine
  • Extended grip surface provides extra finger space for a better grip
  • Sleek and no snag design
  • Comes with SI enhanced magazine insert


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 0.5 oz.
  • Capacity: Plus two round

Magazine Plate Extension for Glock 43 | Grip Extension


The Glock 43 magazine extension by Strike Industries provides smooth magazine reloading for the avid Glock shooter. The low-drag, no-snag design makes the reloading process a piece of cake. Strike Industries is committed to providing high-quality firearm parts for the gun owners’ community. All products sold by the company have been designed by active firearms users for those who rely on their weapons for daily use. You don’t need to wonder if the product will perform if it’s made by Strike Industries. 

Who doesn’t like greater magazine capacity? The Strike Industries Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Plate (EMP) increases the capacity of your magazine to an additional two rounds for a total of 8 + 1 rounds. On top of providing more round capacity, The EMP can also work as a grip extension. The extended grip surface of the EMP enables you to have more space to hold the gun for improved control and improved ergonomics. The higher level of comfort that the Glock 43 grip extension offers makes it suitable for those who wants a higher levels of accuracy. Why wait? Order your Glock 43 magazine extension today!

The Strike Industries Glock 43 Enhanced Magazine Plate Extension (EMP) comes in: Black and Pink.

About Glock:

The Glock pistol was created by an Austrian engineer named Gaston Glock. Glock’s first firearm was the Glock 17. While Glock had zero experience with firearm design or manufacture, he was well-versed in handling synthetic polymers. This experience with synthetic polymers led to the design of the first commercially-successful line of pistols made with a polymer frame. Glock also introduced ferritic nitrocarburizing into the firearms industry to reduce the risk of corrosion on the metal components. The Glock continues to remain one of the most popular pistols in America today. 


SI Glock 42 Magazine Extension Installation

Glock 42 Enhanced Magazine Plate 00:51
  • Glock 42 Enhan...
  • EMP+2 Solution...
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  1. Looks OE performs well. 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jan 2018

    This extension looks like it belongs on the pistol. the +2 is legit and the added grip is a lifesaver.

  2. Nice Product 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Aug 2017

    It was easy to install and makes the grip better for those of us who have larger hands. Only down side would be it hurts concealability. Been thinking it might be better as a reload than carried. It didn't seem to lock up as tight as it did when I had the regular bottom. Checkering was a bit sharp.

  3. nice fit, finish, function. sweet add on 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Aug 2016

    Was skeptical after reading some reviews, but I bought two for both my mags although I only plan to use one for now and the other is for concealment and flush with the grip. Anyway, at first the 8 rounds were tight, but after unloading and loading a couple times, it was fine. Went to the range today and had zero failures out of over 50 rounds. Love it. Looks good and lines match the gen 4 lines.

  4. Cool Add-on 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Jun 2016

    For $10 cool add-on to the standard Glock 43 mags (I bought 2). I installed per instructions, No fuss.The extended mag plate fits my hand nicely. The only reason I gave the product 4 stars was the stippling has some pretty sharp edges if you carry with out a t-shirt on between your skin and the EMP. It's summer! who wants to wear 2 t-shirts? I took a dremel and smoothed down the stippling. Ran a 100 rounds through the hand gun with the EMP and never had an issue with binding.
    Thanks! neat product.

  5. A must have for you Glock 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd Jun 2016

    Perfect fit and feel

  6. A perfect upgrade for the Glock 43 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Mar 2016

    These were recommended to me by a friend. This product from Strike Industries is one of the easiest and most useful upgrades for the Glock 43. I love the look of the product. It looks like it is from Glock. It gives me a better grip and has helped improve my accuracy. Easy to install. Looks great and increases the capacity by a useful number of rounds. I had an issues with the one and Strike Industries made getting a replacement easy. They support the product. I know it is not a lot of money, but it means a lot to me to know that if there is an issue, a good resolution is possible. Thanks for a great product! I would highly recommend this for your Glock 43! Works flawlessly!

  7. Will be 5 stars if it functions flawlessly 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Feb 2016

    8th cartridge was extremely tight...working the action, while fully loaded loosened it . If it functions at the range, flawlessly, I will up it to 5 stars .

  8. Did not work properly 2 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jan 2016

    Doesn't work correctly

    Installed item per instruction on the box, after installing I tried it and it will not let the magazine go in with ease and when trying to chamber a round it causes the slide to bind. The Eighth round fit to tight, look like the magazine locking plate is to thick. If I use the locking plate from the factory glock mag it seems to work fine.

  9. Perfect accesorie 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jan 2016

    Perfect accesorie. Fit good, best quality, easy to install. Recomend 100%

  10. The unespected result. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jan 2016

    At the beginning I was afraid for a malfunction in my Glock 43, but when I've received the new Magazine extension (plus 2 rounds)...BIG surprise. Works really good, I've shoot over 100 rounds with better grip, comfort, accuracy, more rounds, LOOKS really nice, doesn't reflect ugly extension cus looks like a whole same peace, may BE is too early to say it BUT excellent product so far, MY Glock 43 looks nice at AND EXCELLENT PRICE. .

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