MPN: SI-G-AWP-S / SI-G-AWP-36 / SI-G-AWP-42 / SI-G-AWP-43


  • Anti-walk locking block pin
  • Supported pin punch head
  • Pin head is color fill-able

Enhanced Pin Kit with Anti-walk Locking Block Pin for Glock

Note: Colors pictured are illustrative examples to highlight color fill-able pin head customization.


  • Material:
    • Trigger/Locking Block Pins: Carbon Steel
    • Trigger Housing Pin: Aluminum
  • Finish:
    • Trigger/Locking Block Pins: Black Nitride
    • Trigger Housing Pin: Anodized


  • Standard Pin Kit:
    • Fits Glock® 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27, 34, 35, 37, 38
  • G36 Pin Kit:
    • Fits Glock® 36 Only
  • G42 Pin Kit:
    • Fits Glock® 42 Only
  • G43 Pin Kit:
    • Ftis Glock® 43 Only


Standard & G36 Pin Kit:

    • 1x Trigger Pin
    • 1x Anti-Walk Locking Block Pin
    • 1x Anodized Trigger Housing Pin

G42 & W43 Pin Kit:

    • 1x Anti-Walk Locking Block Pin
    • 1x Anodized Trigger Housing Pin

Strike Industries Enhanced Pin Kit with Anti-walk Locking Block Pin for Glock


If you’re a Glock enthusiast, you’ve probably come to realize that while the Glock is an excellent sidearm, it can benefit from a few upgrades. One of the little things that often gets overlooked is the Glock Pin set. Strike Industries made their bones in the small arms market by digging into those little things that the rest of the market has overlooked, so upgrading the Glock pins was a natural choice for them. Enter the Enhanced Pin Kit with Anti-walk Glock Locking Block Pin. While these are still Glock pins, they’re anything but basic. Glock Anti Walk Pins stay secure under stress and save wear on your firearm.

What’s Wrong With OEM?

A direct replacement pin set for your Glock might do the job, but Strike Industries knew you deserved better. OEM style locking block pins might walk out under heavy use, and that leads down the slippery slope to operational failure. The original Glock locking block pin is held in place by friction and a little imagination. Both are likely to fail under heavy recoil. If you service your sidearm regularly, your pin holes can begin to wear, and you’re at risk of slipping with a punch and hurting the frame when you set your pins.

Glock Anti Walk Pins Save Wear on Your Sidearm

Strike Industries reengineered their pins to avoid those problems. The SI anti-walk locking block pin utilizes a slide stop lever spring much like a trigger pin. This keeps it from walking out and causing havoc at inopportune times. Strike Industries Glock Pins feature depressions in the end. This concave space gives the armorer a good place to hold his punch when setting pins, almost eliminating the problems associated with slippage during assembly.



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