• Drop-in replacement of polymer trigger on factory Glock pistols
  • Reduces trigger reset
  • Reduces trigger over travel and reset distance
  • Faster and more accurate follow-up shots
  • Will Not disengage your drop safety like others on the market
  • Comes with roll pin for installation


  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized


  • All Gen3 & Gen4 Glock Pistols (Including G42 and G43)

**When installing on a Gen4 Glock pistol, it will require the use of a Gen3 Trigger Bar.

**Installation requires removal of the factory trigger from the trigger bar, after which the trigger can no longer be used. We recommend installation by a competent gunsmith or purchase the trigger shoe with the bar already installed for you.


  • 1x Kineti-Tech Enhanced Glock Trigger Shoe
  • 1x Roll Pin


Your Glock left the factory perfect the way it is. It is a pistol you can understand and begin to shoot well after a short familiarization. But Glock’s perfection has also sparked a growing market for all manner of aftermarket mechanisms and parts. You can customize your Glock and make it specific to your needs and preferences. Glock has evolved from a military side arm to a customizable platform, the same way the AR evolved from a military battle rifle to a platform that can be customized to suit individual needs.

Not As Accurate As It Could Be

Glock’s “safe action” trigger has become a much copied method for preventing accidental discharges. It is also effective at preventing the Glock from being as accurate as the rest of the design could allow it to be. As it comes from the factory, a short, smooth, crisp trigger function is not part of the Glock platform.

Kineti-Tech Glock Trigger Shoe: Improving Perfection

The Kineti-Tech Glock Trigger Shoe brings the Glock closer maximizing the Glock’s potential. The Kineti-Tech Trigger Shoe replace your factory Glock’s curved trigger with a flat faced unit that feels like the trigger of a 1911. Like the 1911 trigger, you pull straight back, you’re less likely to lose your sight picture. This new Glock trigger shoe also decreases trigger travel about two millimeters. After that, another millimeter is all it takes for the pistol to fire. Even the reset is improved. This simple change to your Glock is what you need to improve perfection.



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