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Kineti-Tech is a Florida based manufacturer of aftermarket upgrade parts for pistol and tactical rifle platforms.

Designed and Manufactured In-House

Kineti-Tech does not rework manufacturer parts and resell them as enhanced upgrade components. Every part that Kineti-Tech sends to market is fabricated in their own shop according to advanced designs intended to make a positive impact on the performance of the firearm they are used in. Each part is hand assembled, inspected, and tested for fitment before packaging.

Kineti-Tech for Glock

Kineti-Tech’s trigger upgrades for Glock handguns are intended to overcome the shortcomings of Glock’s factory triggers, creating a more accurate and faster to operate weapon than the Glock as issued from the factory. Consumers can choose to replace only their trigger shoe, or the complete trigger and bar assembly. Either way, they will find the Kineti-Tech component reduces over-travel, and trigger reset distances allowing a faster and more accurate follow-up shot every time. Unlike some competitors’ offerings, Glock pistols upgraded with Kineti-Tech’s enhanced trigger components retain full function of their drop safeties. Accuracy, attention to detail and safety, what more could you ask for?

Better with Wing Tactical

Wing Tactical makes it easier for consumers from all segments of the small arms community to access the best value and quality components for both new builds and upgrade projects. Teaming up with Manufacturers like Kineti-Tech gives both companies a better chance to fulfill our goals to get the best firearms components into the hands of every shooter and armorer. Active duty military, military veterans, law enforcement personnel, competition shooters, concealed carry permit holders and weekend range enthusiasts all have access to the same value and quality parts when they shop Wing Tactical for Kineti-Tech parts.