MPN: 05014


  • Rubber Overmold
  • Compound palm
  • Finger grooves
  • Drop-in design


  • Material: Polymer and Rubber
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 6.23 oz.


  • Model 500
  • Model 590 / 590A1
  • Model 835
  • Maverick model 88
  • 510 Mini

**Does not fit: 930 series or any other auto shotguns, break open guns, and Flex system shotguns

**Tamers/Pistol grips use a short bolt that is included with the Tamer (no washer needed)


Anyone who's been around the shooting community for any length of time knows that tactical doesn't always mean practical. Some tactical equipment is practically useless. However, that's certainly not the case when it comes to the Hogue Mossberg 500 pistol grip, it delivers.

Why Do I Need A Hogue Mossberg 500 Pistol Grip?

Installing a pistol grip on your shotgun improves maneuverability, but it can be detrimental to the ergonomics. Hogue has designed their Mossberg 500 Tamer Rubber Pistol Grip to make your shotgun more maneuverable in close quarters without making it uncomfortable to shoot.

The Hogue 05014 doesn't simply bolt on your gun. It backs up your Mossberg and is worlds apart from the standard hard, plastic grip that came with it. This Mossberg 500 grip cradles the web of your hand, creating a sweet-spot of control. Its design goes beyond ergonomics. The Hogue Mossberg 500 pistol grip incorporates the orthopedic, anatomical structure of your hand, wrist, and arm to cause less stress and impact. Honestly, you will never be oblivious to the shot when you use a pistol grip. However, the Mossberg 500 grip makes it as comfortable as possible.

Adding a Hogue Mossberg 500 pistol grip to your shotgun makes for a more compact, versatile weapon. If you go camping, hiking, or fishing where you might run into say a bear. Having your shotgun there might keep you off an episode of "I shouldn't be alive". Additionally, the Hogue 05014 has a stud already embedded in its bottom, so you can attach a sling swivel.

High Quality Mossberg 500 Grip

You won't have any problem hanging onto the Mossberg 500 grip. Its rubber overcoat gives you complete control of your weapon even if your hands are wet or muddy. This rubber grip is chemically bonded to the reinforced polymer base to give it lasting durability. A recoil-absorbing insert inside of the grip reduces the punishing recoil of magnum shotgun loads. This accessory incorporates everything a good pistol grip should have: finger grooves, textured rubber, and palm swells. Their proprietary rubber formula is also chemical and oil resistant - a major benefit for parts that will be exposed to gun cleaning solvents!

If you are switching your Mossberg 500 shotgun over to a pistol grip setup, there's no better way to do it than with the Tamer Rubber Pistol Grip from Hogue!

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