• Enlarged and extended grasping latch allows smooth operation even under stress
  • This Strike Industries Charging Handle is compatible with all standard AR-15 Uppers
  • Polished surface for smooth charging
  • Aluminum construction latch will not wear receiver as fast compared to steel latch!
  • Reinforced tapered roll pin
  • Available in Black, Flat Dark Earth, Blue, and Red finish!


  • Material: 7075 T-6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 1.15 oz.

*Due to various factors that occur during the anodization process, the color may differ between batches for this product.


  • AR-15



Introducing the Strike Industries AR-15 Charging Handle with Extended Latch (ARCH-EL). It's not just about functionality but about enhancing your performance when the stakes are high.

Strength in Every Element

Crafted from durable hard-anodized 7075 T-6 aluminum, this isn't your run-of-the-mill charging handle. Designed for tough conditions, it gives the shooter an edge in any setting.

Ease Beyond Measure

The enlarged grasping surface of the ARCH-EL ensures a smooth operation, even when conditions get tough. And with its aluminum SI Extended Latch, it offers longevity without the typical wear and tear on your receiver.

A Natural Extension

More than just equipment, it melds with the shooter. Its polished finish and ergonomic contours ensure a flawless, fluid charge every cycle. Enhance your shooting experience with the superior craftsmanship of the Strike Industries AR-15 Charging Handle.

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