Strike Industries AR-15 Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover

Strike Industries AR-15 Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover

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MPN: SI-AR-UDC-E-02-223


  • Spring-loaded, internal detent rod for easy installation and take-down.
  • Constructed with light-weight durable polymer material weighing in at only 0.3 oz.!
  • Cut-out window for easy disassembly on any AR-15 receiver!
  • Will never corrode rust or fade
  • Will never deform or get bent out of shape
  • Comes in a variety of designs
  • "True Seal" internal lip that seals the port tighter than traditional dust cover designs.
  • Built-in adjustable detent set screw to compensate for wear on receiver.
  • Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth finish and multiple designs to customized your AR!


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight: 0.3 oz.
  • Length: 3.46"


  • Mil-Spec AR-15 Upper Receiver

**Might not fit properly with Aero Precision M4E1 upper receivers.


If you’d like to replace the dust cover on your AR-15 or install a new one for the first time, Strike Industries has produced the dust cover of your dreams. With a spring-loaded internal detent rod, the enhanced version of the Ultimate Dust Cover by Strike is a breeze to install and remove.

The Strike Industries Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover includes a cut-out window to facilitate disassembly. The slimmer design of the enhanced version enables it to be compatible with all AR-15 receivers on the market today. Best of all, this dust cover is extremely light and weighs a mere 0.3 ounces.

The “True Seal” lip of the enhanced dust cover has been modified to offer a better seal and helps to keep all that unwanted grit and grime from entering your receiver while you’re in the field. The design of this dust cover enables users to remove and replace the cover in five to 10 seconds. Made from high-density polymer material, this enhanced dust cover will last you and your AR-15 for many hours of shooting pleasure. This dust cover is available in various design options for a customized look. Order yours today and experience the quality of Strike Industries!

Wing Tactical Offers the Best Parts and Accessories

The Strike Industries Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover is a high-quality innovative polymer AR-15 dust cover. Choose the design that fits your build and personality the best in black or FDE to match your equipment. Rest assured the cover is not susceptible to corrosion, and won’t warp or bend out of shape. That means the “True Seal” internal lip will stay true round after round, even under the heat of rapid fire.

Strike Industries Innovation in Every Part

Strike Industries Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover features a fully integrated design. There are no small parts to lose. An internal detent rod keeps the cover in place without the use of separate clips. If you need to make an adjustment, it’s a simple matter of turning the set screw on the detent assembly to create the desired tension. It’s designed to be installed and removed in a matter of seconds, even in the field. Access to the detent screw is easily afforded by a cut-out window. This allows the Strike Industries AR-15 Dust Cover to work on virtually any Mil-Spec AR-15 receiver you would like to add it to without a hassle.

Wing Tactical Customer Service for Gun People by Gun People

At Wing Tactical, we’re shooters and armorers ourselves, so we know what works. When it comes to choosing an AR-15 Dust Cover, we’ve seen the competition, and we know the Strike industries Enhanced Ultimate Dust Cover offers quality and durability that you can count on. If you have a question about this part or any other item we stock, just contact us and we’ll get you the answers you need.

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119 Reviews

  • Ultimate Dust Cover

    Posted by Chuck N. on 21st Jul 2021

    I like the way it looks, but the fit is not perfect. There's a lip on the inside and it doesn't line up right on my upper. I can make it close, but not the way it's supposed to. I might sand down the inside lip on the bottom where it's hitting. So the fit may vary depending on the design of your upper.

  • looks and works great

    Posted by Elijah Carlson on 11th Jul 2021

    Superb Quality

  • Great addition to the build

    Posted by Andy on 12th Apr 2021

    Fits like it should.

  • Great!!

    Posted by Jafet Perez on 4th Apr 2021

    Very easy to install. Looks much better than the mil spec.

  • These should be STANDARD in the industry!

    Posted by Derek on 14th Mar 2021

    These one piece dust covers are the BEST!!! So simple to install and remove. Wow. Every build should come with these. The old 4-piece dust cover days are gone. These function, fit and look phenomenal. Thanks again Strike Industries! :)

  • Buy it

    Posted by Kyle Totten III on 15th Feb 2021

    This is not only aesthetically pleasing but extremely easy to install. Makes little difference to the functionality of your rifle but the little things tend to make a difference when customizing a rifle and I love things like this for it. Minimal cost for a big return. Wing Tactical always has great prices abs extremely fast shipping. I’ll continue buying here in the future.

  • Great product

    Posted by Toby harris on 20th Jul 2020

    I just started to get familiar with AR15’s. Never worked on them before. I purchased two AR’s and started upgrading parts. When I got the dust covers, I was worried about the installation. I will tell you this, taking the old cover off is harder than put the new one on. It looks great and I like that it’s a polymer cover. It is worth buying. Plus I got the product super fast. It came two days earlier than expected.
    Thank you for a great service.

  • Strike Industries Ultimate Dust Cover

    Posted by Emmett Patterson on 19th Jul 2020

    Shipped one day after ordering. Fantastic customer service. This dust cover is excellent. seals tight, installs in about 10 seconds, looks great. Wing Tactical is a model for online retailers. Always great to deal with.

  • The strike industries ultimate dust cover

    Posted by Griffin Waldrop on 30th May 2020

    I absolutely love it. Absolute beauty

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