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When it comes to premium 1911s, few companies parallel the craftsmanship, performance, and dependability that Wilson Combat delivers. Established in 1977 by Bill Wilson, a trained watchmaker who owned Sportsman's Headquarters retail store in Berryville, Arkansas, the company has come a long way.

The Evolution of Wilson Combat

From its modest start, Wilson Combat has evolved into one of the most significant and impactful custom firearms companies across the United States. The company offers an extensive array of pistols rooted in the 1911 design, ranging from traditional full-sized models to various compact and subcompact variants, all available in different tactical designs and calibers. As a result, Wilson Combat has a 1911 pistol suited to every shooter and situation, be it competition shooting, collection pieces, or duty and self-defense pistols.

Their premium AR platform rifles are highly sought-after and celebrated for their outstanding performance, pinpoint accuracy, and superior craftsmanship. In addition, they offer an impressive selection of these rifles, catering to different needs with various sizes and a diverse range of calibers.

Aside from their firearms, Wilson Combat provides some of the top customization services in the nation. They manufacture suppressors and many accessories for their signature pistols and other firearms.

Wilson Combat's Versatile Line of 1911 Pistols

Wilson Combat holds a distinguished position among firearms manufacturers in the United States, recognized for crafting some of the most exquisite and visually striking firearms globally. Their tactical pistols are favored by military personnel and law enforcement officers, while their competition pistols are designed to help sports shooters hit their mark. In addition, their pistols are a trusted choice for law-abiding citizens seeking reliable self-defense options. Moreover, any firearm collector would be thrilled to have several high-end Wilson Combat pistols as part of their collection.