• Heavy duty lubricant for extreme environments
  • Optimized for the most demanding automatic weapon systems
  • Ultra high film strength
  • Maximum friction reduction is achieved between -60ºF and 550ºF
  • Hydrophobic, and wood and polymer safe
  • Easy to carry 4 oz. squeeze bottle

Strike Industries Ultra Gun Oil


Gun owners argue about a lot of things, but there’s one thing everyone wants. No matter what kind of equipment he prefers, every last one of us wants a gun oil that can count on. Unfortunately, that means something different for each of us depending on the demands we’re putting on things. This guy might want a gun lubricant that offers high temp service, while someone wants a gun oil that does double duty as a protective barrier. If you’re a Glock or AK owner, you probably want a lube that’s safe for your wood or polymer components. Sounds like another argument brewing. Do you believe in miracles? The good people at Strike industries have brought one to market. Strike Industries’ AntiVenom ULTRA Gun Oil is the one product that can make all of us happy.

AntiVenom ULTRA Gun Oil, Your Two-in-One Solution

The Strike Industries AntiVenom ULTRA is one of the industry’s most extreme general purpose lubrication and protection solution. They’re not kidding, it’s safe to use on everything. It’s safe for polymers, hydrophobic, metal components and even the finish on wood stocks. While it’s extra gentle where you want it to be, it penetrates deep and bonds to surfaces at the molecular level. That molecular adhesion pushes it to the head of the class. It’s designed to thrive in high heat and high-stress applications where other gun lubricants can’t handle the job.

It’s safe to call this one a super-lube. It has film strength and pressure resistance that simply aren’t matched by anything else marketed to the firearms community. Add superior corrosion protection and dielectric properties and it’s pretty safe to say you won’t find another product on the market that offers everything you need in one convenient package.

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