• Blended, no snag profile
  • Reduces muzzle rise and felt recoil
  • No threaded barrel needed
  • Does not require permanent modifications to your Gen4 Glock pistol
  • Drop-in installation
  • Compatible with open-bottomed holsters


  • Caliber: Fits multiple calibers
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 3.75 oz.
  • Length: 1.45"
  • Width: 1"
  • Height: 1.3"


  • Full-Size Model:
    • Gen4 Glock 17
  • Compact Model:
    • Gen4 Glock 19


  • 1x Strike Industries G4 Slide Comp
  • 4x M5 Installation set screw (side)
  • 2x M4 installation set screw (bottom)
  • 1x 2mm Allen wrench
  • 1x Glock gen 3 guide rod and spring


While pistol compensators have been around for quite a while, they’ve had their problems. Most of them have required a factory threaded barrel or the intervention of your friendly neighborhood gunsmith to mount them. The average Glock compensator seriously messed with the silhouette of the sidearm and made it near impossible to secure it in a standard holster of any kind. For a long time now, if you wanted to use a Glock muzzle brake you were probably going to compromise your draw and permanently modify the weapon you applied it to. Fortunately for us, the brilliant designers at Strike Industries have finally come to the rescue with the Strike Industries G4 Slide Comp for Gen 4 Glock Pistols.

Strike Industries G4 Slide Comp

The Strike Industries G4 Slide Comp is a precision machined Glock compensator that doesn’t require you to make any permanent modifications to your sidearm. This Glock muzzle brake attaches to the slide of fourth Gen 4 Glock Pistols G17 and G19 with a simple set screw installation that can easily be reversed without permanent damage to your sidearm. When you receive your G4 Slide Comp it comes with everything you need to install it and get back to the range. Strike even includes the 2mm Allen wrench you need to tighten the set screws so you won’t even have to leave the bench after unpacking it.

This Glock Compensator Helps You Stay on Target

When you use the Strike Industries G4 Slide Comp you’ll be able to use many open bottomed holsters. It blends almost flawlessly with the profile of Gen 4 Glocks and won’t snag on other equipment. All of the speed maneuvers you’re used to with an unmodified weapon are available to you with the SI G4 Slide Comp. The performance of this Glock compensator is nothing short of impressive. Even at full auto muzzle rise is handled so well, even a full auto weapon follows up true every time. This one’s a winner all the way around.



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