MPN: WTP-44_1000-R


  • Made from durable Kydex and designed specifically for the Taurus G2 and G2c pistols
  • Customizable Tension Setting: Allows you to set the tension to your personal comfort
  • Flexible Carry Configurations: Adjust the ride and cant for optimal positioning
  • Versatile Clip Adjustments: Choose from 8 distinct positions
  • Protective Sweat Guard: Reduces direct contact between your firearm and skin
  • Secure Belt Clip: Ensures clean and smooth draws every time
  • Open-End Muzzle: Designed to accommodate threaded barrels
  • All We The People holsters are hand-molded and assembled at their factory in Las Vegas, NV.


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  • Material: Kydex
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 2.54 oz.
  • Style: Inside The Waistband
  • Belt Loop Size: 1.5"


  • Taurus G2 and G2C

*This holster is not compatible with PT 24/7 models.

*This holster is NOT COMPATIBLE with aftermarket frames, weapon lights, lasers, red dot sights, and compensators are larger than the slide's dimensions.


  • 1x We The People IWB Holster for Taurus G2 / G2C


Taurus Millennium PT111 G2 / G2C owners know the value of dependability. The We The People IWB Holster for Taurus G2 / G2C mirrors that sentiment, bringing an exact fit and impeccable craftsmanship. American-made and backed by a lifetime warranty, it's a testament to unwavering quality. No matter your preferred carry position—appendix, strong side, or cross carry—this holster ensures a snug fit and swift draw.

Customized Comfort

We understand that a holster's comfort directly influences your response time. With the Taurus G2 / G2C in the We The People Holster, you can easily tweak the height and angle, giving you that optimal draw. Adaptability is the name of the game, and this holster excels at it.

Discreet & Pressure-free Carry

Concealment shouldn't come at the cost of comfort. Worn inside the waistband, this Taurus G2 / G2C holster provides top-notch discretion without adding undue pressure. It's the kind of comfort and confidence that comes from knowing your equipment is up to par.

Quick Access, Seamless Re-holster

Drawing and re-holstering your Taurus with this Kydex holster feels fluid and natural. The emphasis isn't just on pulling your weapon out but on ensuring it goes back smoothly without hitches—because when seconds count, you want your gear to complement, not complicate, your response.

Protection Beyond Concealment

Additionally, with its protective sweat guard, this holster ensures minimal contact between your firearm and your body. It's a simple yet crucial feature, keeping your weapon's slide pristine and ready. In the world of concealed carry, We The People Holsters sets a high bar for performance and reliability.

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