MPN: 1499


  • Advanced Polymer/Composite construction for  strength, light weight & exceptional durability
  • NiteBrite™- Photoluminescent Inserts (the low-cost alternative to Tritium) - can be charged by natural light or with a flashlight
  • Spring-loaded sights flip up quickly with the push of a button, stays up securely and folds down flat
  • Patented Diamond-shaped Apertures and Upper Housings for fast alignment


  • Material: Polymer
  • Weight:
    • Front Sight: 1.2 oz.
    • Rear Sight: 1.35 oz.
  • Height (Up):
    • Front Sight: 1.713"
    • Rear Sight: 1.778
  • Height (Down):
    • Front Sight: 0.611"
    • Rear Sight: 0.59"
  • Length (Up):
    • Front Sight: 1.321"
    • Rear Sight: 1.321"
  • Length (Down):
    • Front Sight: 2.538"
    • Rear Sight: 2.571"
  • Width: 1.24"


  • Any firearm with top Picatinny top rail

**NOT recommend to mount on a railed gas block due to excess heat issues.

**Sight is designed to work on same plane rail systems only. Will not work with a railed gas block that is higher or lower than the receiver.


  • 1x Diamond Polymer Front Sight
  • 1x Diamond Polymer Rear Sight


For a cost-effective sighting system, you may find the Diamondhead Polymer Integrated Sighting System with NiteBrite to be just the sights you need.

Diamondhead Polymer Integrated Sighting System: Faster Target Acquisition & Centering

This high-quality sighting system was designed with the modern sporting rifle and the AR15 in mind. These sights are equipped with trademark diamond-shaped apertures and upper housings for a quick and easy sight picture.

Many sights designed for low-light conditions use tritium, an isotope of hydrogen, as the illuminating element. Because tritium is radioactive, it can be mixed with a phosphor to create a continuous light source. Tritium-equipped sights, however, tend to be very expensive. The integrated sighting system by Diamondhead makes use of low-cost NiteBrite photoluminescent inserts to provide the needed illumination for the sight posts. NiteBrite is easily activated with daylight or a flashlight.

Enhance Your Shooting Experience Day and Night

This sighting system comes as a set of one front sight and one rear sight. These sights are spring-loaded for quick deployment and easy storage. They are compatible with any weapon equipped with a top picatinny rail. Elevation adjustment is easy and does not require any tools. Made from high-quality polymer, the Diamondhead Diamond Polymer Integrated Sighting System is both durable and lightweight. Consider this system to enhance your next low-light shooting experience.

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Reviews (4)

  • Great set of sights

    Posted by Thanos on 8th May 2018

    Love these on my DB-15. A little snug getting on, but hold on tight once they are fitted correctly. Flip up button is quick, and lay down is easy. Looking down range just got a lot better for me.

  • I prefer the aluminum ones...

    Posted by Abs on 30th Jun 2017

    I already had the aluminum version of these sights for another build. I bought these because I think the polymer version is a little more rugged and frankly are less expensive. The things that one might identify as cons (some of them) is really a matter of trade-offs: Pros: -nice design (with the aiming system) -good build quality (accurately molded with no problems) -sturdy design (springs and mechanisms are solid with no play at all) -press button to open, fold downward to close (aluminum versions are backwards, need to press the button to close which is a bad design) Cons: -front sight was slightly tight on the picatinny rail and I had to tap it on with a mallet, rear was fine -front site release button was very stiff at first, I had to operated it about a dozen times to free it up -release buttons require a higher effort to open the sights than I expected, this is good and bad in that it won't open accidentally but you need to make sure to fully depress the release buttons to deploy the sights

  • Best set-up for the money

    Posted by John in Alabama on 25th Apr 2016

    This was my second build and I have to say that these sights are superior to the MBUS sights I put on my M5 .308. Theses sights not only allow you to get a quick sight picture and alignment but look great to boot.

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