• Sight can be moved without permanent modification to the firearm
  • Features snag-free apertures at factory height
  • Front post is centered between two Tritium points of reference
  • Ideal for twilight and low light situations
  • Low Profile when folded
  • Dual locking apertures
  • .50 MOA per click
  • Solid push-button operation


  • Material: 6061 aluminum
  • Finish: Mil-Spec hardcoat anodizing
  • Weight: 1.75 oz.
  • Height: (From rail to top of the sight)
    • Up: 1.586"
    • Down: 0.481"
  • Length:
    • Up: 1.065"
    • Down: 2.128"
  • Width: 1.259"


  • Any firearm with Picatinny top rail


You can choose your friends but a lot of times your enemies choose you. Sometimes operations or weather conditions on a hunt put you in a position to take a shot in less than perfect light. Now, you can't control what may happen, however, you can be ready for it. Go ahead and keep your glass, but do yourself a favor and back it up with a good manual sight. The quality of the sight system you put on your rifle is one of the biggest factors in accuracy. The Troy Industries Tritium Folding Rear BattleSight is one of the most accurate and functional sights on the market.

Troy Industries Tritium Battle Sight Lives Up To Its Name

The Troy Tritium Rear Sight that is as non-intrusive and durable as they come. This Troy Industries Tritium Battle Sight is not made to bling out your gun, it means business. The Troy Tritium sight mounts securely to the Picatinny rail on top of your receiver. It is made with the aperture at a standard height to allow for proper co-witness if it's deployed while you're using a Red Dot or holographic optics. The Troy Industries Tritium Battle Sight features a classic, battle-tested round aperture for super-fast target acquisition. Of course, the Troy Tritium sight has no sharp edges to snag your gear and stays locked in position until you decide to move it. All parts are CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, then coated with Mil-Spec hard coat anodizing. A folding mechanism allows you to fold the rear sight down and out of the way when using an optic.

Troy Tritium Sight For Low-Light Shooting

The word Tritium sounds like something radioactive from Star Trek, but it's not. The Tritium you find in a Troy Tritium Rear Sight is merely an efficient form of hydrogen. It's only claim to fame is the ability to create light without the use of batteries or electricity. It performs this task admirably on the Troy Tritium sight in low-light and even no-light conditions. The tritium dots on this BattleSight are large enough to speed up target orientation in low-light conditions but not bright enough to be a distraction. This back up rear sight features the ability to switch between a large and a small aperture depending on the distance of your target.

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