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American Gold Trigger

American Trigger Corporation

Sometimes when people want to start a company they have what seems to be a good idea and hope there is a market to support their passion. While noble in its pursuit, this approach rarely works. American Trigger Corporation created their business model with the end goal in mind. One must first find a need in the market, create a product to fill that need, and the business will come. The less than adequate triggers in use for the AR platform was the need and the golden trigger was the product to fill that need. Thus, the American Trigger Corp was born.

Starting from Scratch

Certainly, for years people have tinkered with the fire control assembly in the AR weapons. Superficial changes made a small improvement in trigger function, unfortunately, true success eluded their efforts. Ronin Colman turned away from the original “stoner” trigger design, starting with a blank canvas, he began to address the fundamental trigger issues plaguing the AR. The ATC AR gold trigger combines the desirable traits of both a single-stage and a double-stage trigger into one. Encasing the golden trigger in an aluminum housing minimalized any external influences on the fire control assembly, creating a more reliable and durable component. The American Trigger Corporation presented the public with a smooth, crisp single-stage trigger with an industry leading minimal reset time. The revolutionary ATC AR gold trigger delivers on every level of performance, however, lends itself wonderfully to the fast pace of three-gun competition.

Surpassing the Competition

Excelling in performance requires not only desire and design, but top-quality material and manufacturing procedures as well. American Trigger Corp combines the highest quality materials with the most exacting manufacturing procedures to bring the ATC AR gold trigger to the shooters who demand the best. Whether your needs fall more to the competitive side or demands of long-range hunting require precise shot placement the golden trigger will allow your talents to shine. The American Trigger Corporation doesn’t make rails or grips, they only make the finest trigger assembly commercially available for the AR-15 and AR-10 platform.