• Drop-in module trigger
  • Single-stage with a slight bit of very light (8 oz.) of take up like a top quality 1911 trigger
  • Super short reset
  • Super clean glass-smooth break
  • Positive trigger reset
  • Fits Mil-Spec receivers


  • Material: S7 Tool Steel
  • Finish: Black Housing with Gold Trigger Shoe
  • Weight: 2.47 oz.
  • Type: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight: 3.5-lb (Adjustable Weight)
  • Trigger Style: Curved or Flat Trigger
  • Pins Size: Small Pins (.154)


  • AR-15 / AR-10 platforms

**Not recommended for use in 5.45 x 39


  • 1x American Gold Trigger Assembly
  • 1x Hammer Pin
  • 1x Trigger Pin


Are you ready to stop playing games and step it up? The time for frills has passed, now is the time to make a change. Undoubtedly, the single most pivotal change you can make to your AR is the trigger. It doesn’t matter what kind of trigger hides inside your lower right now, it doesn’t hold a candle to an American Gold Trigger. So, do yourself a favor and replace that paperweight you’re yanking on now with an AR gold trigger.

This American Gold Trigger Is as Safe as A Sharp Knife

An American Trigger is a tool, not entirely unlike a knife or a chisel. Appearances notwithstanding, a tool is meant to help you perform a task. Whether it’s a knife, chisel, or a gold AR trigger it will either make your job easier when it’s right or get you hurt if it’s not. There’s not much more dangerous than a dull knife, except a trigger you can’t depend on. An AR15 gold trigger cuts through the fluff, down to what’s really important, dependability. An AR gold flat trigger works, each and every time you squeeze it. The American Gold Trigger gives you revolutionary “drop safe” technology. Therefore, the hammer only falls when you touch off that beautiful gold AR trigger.

Will You Miss What Isn’t There?

Have you ever tried a dish in a restaurant and it’s just not right? Then you have the same thing at home and there it is, it was missing garlic. Okay, an American Trigger isn’t like food, however, when you use one you will know what you have been missing. Now you’re missing the creep that has haunted almost every other trigger you have pulled. This new AR15 gold trigger gives you an icy crisp, clean break. Never again will you have to wonder just where inside the trigger you are. Once you move up to an AR gold flat trigger, you can forget that a trigger even exists and put your mind into the shot. Treat yourself to an AR gold trigger and get ready to enjoy what you have been missing.

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