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Anderson Manufacturing is just about as American as a firearms manufacturer gets. For fifty years, Anderson has made solid, dependable parts for America’s medical, automotive and firearm industries. With the rise of the AR-15, Anderson Arms has kept pace, manufacturing their own parts for the rifles they offer complete for sale to the public, as well as those individual components they send directly to the small arms market.

Longevity Doesn’t Mean They’re Stale

While Anderson Manufacturing has been in business for a half-century, they have made a commitment to the future. Continuing innovation is only possible if facilities, equipment, and the workforce are up to the task. Anderson’s assets include new horizontal and multi-axis machining centers. In addition to update machinery, Anderson regularly reviews their techniques and management policies to be sure they are in line to produce quality parts that fit the demands of the consumer market.

The Best Materials

Anderson Arms uses those shiny new machines to build solid reliable products with the best materials available. All of Anderson’s receiver bodies are made of 7075 T6 Aluminum. This alloy exceeds the requirements of the aerospace industry threefold for strength that just can’t be beaten.

The Best People

Anderson Arms uses a 100% American workforce. You know when you order and Anderson component you’re keeping real Americans at work. It’s not just that either since 40% of their team is United States Military Veterans, you can feel good knowing that you’re continuing to support the men and women who have served our country even after they’re home. That’s a great reason to give yourself an edge with Anderson Manufacturing components from Wing Tactical.