Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit review

Posted by Wing Tactical on 9th May 2014

Looking for a piston kit for your next custom AR build? Or thinking about upgrading your current piston system on your AR?  The Adams Arms- XLP Piston Kit is the answer for you.  This piston kit comes with Adams Arms' latest invention - XLP Multi-Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block.  The new XLP gas block is 30% lighter than the standard piston kit block, it minimized the "front heavy" issue from traditional piston system.  This new light weight design also allows the piston gas block to fit under most of the rail systems on the market today.  This means you can install this kit without altering your favorite rails, or buy a new custom rail.  These are major improvements compared to the previous version.

Lighter weight is not the only improvement, the new XLP Multi-Adjustable Low Profile Gas Block is now available in 5 gas adjustment settings.  This allow you to set the right gas pressure for different types of ammo and barrel length you are using.  Shooting with .22LR conversion or want to fire single shot? No problem, turn off the gas.  Firing suppressed or "Hot Rounds"?  Too easy, turn the gas on low setting.   The new Adams Arms XLP Piston Kit will turn you AR into a true "Custom Gun".

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