​Buyer’s Guide: Muzzle Devices

Posted by Wing Tactical on 3rd Nov 2015

​Buyer’s Guide: Muzzle Devices

The AR-15 is a wonderful weapon, and with a few tweaks here and there — changes that are made easily because of the modular design of the rifle — it can become even better.

If you’re looking to customize your AR-15, you might want to direct your attention at your rifle’s muzzle first. You can add a host of muzzle devices to the end of your barrel, most of which fall into one of the following three categories. Check out this  AR-15 muzzle device comparison:

    LANTAC Dragon AR-15 Muzzle Brake

    Muzzle brake - By redirecting gas and pressure to the side of your AR-15 muzzle, muzzle brakes are designed to provide riflemen with a whole lot more control over their weapons. Muzzle brakes drastically lessen the effects of recoil, which in turn gives you the ability to be considerably more accurate when firing successive shots. It’s important to remember, though, that these devices don’t hide your flash when you pull the trigger — something that could give up your position as the sun goes down.

    Seekins Precision AR-15 Flash Hider

    Flash suppressor - The AR 15’s muzzle flash can be rather bright when fired — a characteristic that makes it harder to maintain your position when it’s darker outside. In addition to keeping you well-hidden, flash suppressors also help you shoot more accurately in dark environments, as you won’t be blinded when firing your own weapon. That way, you can fire successive shots without having to refocus your eye. While suppressors work wonders in darker conditions, they don’t offer much benefits to daytime shooting and will also not soften the recoil

    2A Armament T3 AR-15 CompensatorCompensator - Similar in function to a muzzle brake, compensators redirect gas and pressure upward, preventing your rifle from climbing when you’re firing successive shots. Like the brake, the compensator allows the shooter to take follow-up shots faster and more accurate, since the component gives you the ability to stay on target. However, it also doesn’t hide your flash and produces loud sounds when in use.

Remember, some  AR-15 muzzle devices are a combination of two of the above, so figure out which kind of gunning situations you’re most likely to find yourself in and shop accordingly.

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