Benefits of Flash Suppressors on AR-15

23rd Mar 2020

Many shooters forget that the unassuming flash suppressor is also a valid member of the muzzle device family. While you may not need a more advanced muzzle device for your purposes, a flash suppressor is a great option for many shooters.

What Does a Flash Suppressor Do?

The pros of AR-15 flash suppressor use are somewhat self-explanatory. A flash suppressor reduces the visible muzzle flash seen upon firing. This is done in much the same way that other muzzle devices mitigate force and motion, by changing the way gasses from the muzzle are dispersed and the rate at which they cool. By controlling the visible combustion at the muzzle on firing, a flash suppressor is a valuable tool for many shooters.

The Benefits of Using a Flash Suppressor

In the case of the flash suppressor, there are two main benefits to its use. Flash suppressors mitigate muzzle flash, which is extremely beneficial in low light situations, and they offer excellent protection for the crown and threaded muzzle end of your AR-15 Barrel.

How Does Reduced Muzzle Flash help the Shooter?

Unmitigated muzzle flash can obscure a target and negatively affect night vision, making it difficult for the operator to deliver a follow-up shot to the same target. Likewise, the acquisition of subsequent additional targets is much slower with full muzzle flash than it is if a flash suppressor is installed to control visible fire at the end of the barrel. Install a quality flash suppressor, and suddenly it’s a whole different scenario. The shooter retains his night vision, even targets at distance are much less likely to be obscured and follow-up shots come off quickly and more accurately than those from a rifle with no flash suppression.

Protects the Crown of the Barrel

Flash suppressors do an excellent job of protecting not just the crowned end of your barrel, but the threaded end of your barrel as well. Preserving the integrity of your barrel threads is essential for shooters who might one day want to apply a muzzle device to improve overall control or perceived recoil for greater accuracy and faster follow-up shots. The application of a flash hider keeps barrel threads safe, keeps the crowned end of your barrel from making contact with objects in the operating environment and may also serve as a useful tool as many flash hiders feature extended prongs or fingers that can act as glass breakers, helping to clear barriers without putting your barrel end at risk.

Find Your Flash Suppressor From Wing Tactical

WingTactical offers a wide variety of Flash Suppressors for you to choose from. The Anderson Manufacturing 3 Prong Flash Hider is a popular, no-nonsense choice that uses a fairly traditional design to control muzzle flash. Next Level Armament offers a line of Helical designed flash suppressors that not only do the job but add interest to the finished look of your rifle as well. Many shooters will appreciate the extra value of a flash suppressor like Noveske’s Flaming Pig, a muzzle device that is classified as a flash suppressor but also offers some of the same control properties as larger muzzle brakes.

If you’re not sure which muzzle device is right for your build, the customer support staff here at Wing Tactical is ready to help. Wing staffers are shooters and armorers like you and they take pride in helping others like themselves find the components they need to make their dream builds into reality. Let Wing Tactical help you choose your flash suppressor.