MPN: 2003


  • Made from 8620 steel
  • Large, easy-to-find, serrated pad
  • Send the bolt back into battery after a magazine change.
  • Standard issue on USN & USAF MK14's and US Army M14SE's.


  • Material: 8620 Steel
  • Finish: Black Parkerized
  • Weight: 0.35 oz.


  • M14 / M1A

Note: Current design does not allow the bolt to close with an empty magazine inserted (but it can be closed if the magazine follower is pressed down).

Caution: Do not rest the weapon on its side or leave it unattended if the bolt is locked back and a loaded mag is in the receiver. Always keep the safety engaged.


  • 1x Smith Enterprise M1A Extended Bolt Release
  • 1x Roll Pin


M1A / M14 owners who are dissatisfied with the small size of the standard bolt catch are in luck - Smith Enterprise has designed a drop-in replacement for the bolt release that makes operation of this classic rifle much easier.

The improved bolt catch incorporates a larger pad that is much easier to find in low-visibility conditions. The surface has deep serrations to make sure your finger doesn't slip off.

This bolt release will allow you to slap the bolt release and send the bolt forward on your M1A just like you can on the AR-15. This is of great benefit while wearing heavy gloves in cold weather! The bolt catch is machined from solid steel and goes through a hardening process to deliver a lifetime of service.

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