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Smith Enterprise

There are only a few areas of your life where you have total control. One such area is where you choose to spend your money. In politics, you voice your opinion with your vote, in business, you do so with your money. I like knowing that my hard-earned money is going to a company that deserves it. In the shooting world, you will be hard pressed to find a better place to trade than Smith Enterprise.

One of The Chosen Few

What qualities combine to form a good business? At the top of my list are quality, honor, and service. Regardless of your product, without all three of these things, your business will ultimately fail. Smith Enterprise has made these elements a primary focus of their business model for over four decades. This all-American company will never be considered a flash-in-the-pan. The company began by working in the background to provide for the U.S. governments technological needs. Growth came when Smith Enterprises began to fill specialized equipment requirements for our military and law enforcement officers. Additionally, the civilian shooting enthusiast can enjoy their exclusive line-up of products and service that are not available anywhere else.

Luck Equals Opportunity Plus Determination

Perhaps the most challenging venue for a business is to get and fulfill a government contract. Smith Enterprises has continued to do this for over forty years. This accomplishment is no accident. Like other companies, the need to push forward with cutting-edge innovation is ever-present. However, Smith Enterprise has revived some of the venerable weapons from our military’s history. They have taken battle-tested rifles such as the M14 and M1 Garand and made them worthy of the 21st-century warrior. Unlike many who flood the market with parts to create sales volume, Smith Enterprises operates with a laser-like agenda. They focus on one thing, do it very well, and then move onto the next. In a world where not many businesses can stand the test of time, SEI has endured the crucible. Thus, providing the shooting world an exclusive product line as well as a testimony to American pride.