• Lightweight, allows a GEN 3 slide on a GEN 4 or GEN 5 frame
  • Prevents movement of the GEN3 recoil rod and spring from possibly damaging your Glock Gen 4/5
  • Prevent flex in frame
  • Eliminate the gap


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Weight: 0.07 oz.


  • Glock Gen 3 slides
  • Glock Gen 4/5 frames

*When using a GEN3 slide, the rear plate of the slide will need to be changed to a OEM GEN5 plate or the SI PolyFlex plate which is GEN5 based*


  • For full size frame users you'll need to look into what combination of Generation barrels and recoil spring assemblies for reliable functionality.
  • Compact size frame users will not have this issue has the parts, slides, and barrel work interchangeably.
  • Gen4 Frame to Gen3 Slide Conversions will not have this issue.


Are you interested in using a Gen 3 slide on a Gen 4 or 5 Glock? Look no further; the Strike Industries Glock Gen 3 to Gen 4/5 slide adapter is your solution.

Improved Form and Function

Strike Industries strategically designed their Glock Gen 3 to Gen 4/5 slide adapter to improve your weapon's aesthetics and function.

This Glock Gen 3 to Gen 4 slide adapter addresses your Glock's aesthetics by eradicating the gap that occurs when using a factory or aftermarket Gen 3 slide in a Gen 4/5 frame. This gap is not only unattractive but can cause damage to your Glock by allowing the frame to flex.

By installing Strike Industries' Glock Gen 3 to Gen 4 slide adapter, you address the damage that this unattractive gap may cause. This slide adapter can prevent the recoil rod from moving and the frame from flexing, which may prevent damage from occurring to your weapon.

Strike Industries Quality and Versatility

Strike Industries designed their Glock Gen 3 to Gen 4/5 slide adapter for shooters who want the freedom to choose from aftermarket parts; this slide adapter will not limit your choices as you plan a unique build for your Glock.

True to their reputation, Strike Industries constructed this Glock Gen 3 to Gen 4/5 slide adapter from a durable yet lightweight polymer, offering you a high-quality part at a cost-efficient price.



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