• Unique serration and front side design allows you to acquire targets faster and easier
  • Serration breaks up glare in any lighting situation
  • Made from durable 7075 aluminum
  • Smooth front sights are made with an ideal profile to reduce holster damage
  • Rear sight is carefully designed allure to naturally draw the eye forward
  • Low Profile and snag-free design for comfortable carry


  • Material: 7075 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight:
    • Front: 0.04 oz.
    • Rear: 0.07 oz.
  • Height:
    • Front Sight: 0.223"
    • Rear Sight: 0.233"
  • Width:
    • Front Sight: 0.162"
    • Rear Sight: 0.746"


  • 1x Front Sight
  • 1x Front sight Screw
  • 1x Rear Sight


  • Glock Models: 17 /17L /19 /22 /23 /34 /45


Glocks are some of the best pistols in the world and are used widely by military and law enforcement. They are also quite popular among civilians. Though there are many good things about Glocks, such as their reliability, accuracy, and aftermarket support, one part that most Glock owners complain about is the stock plastic sights.

Stock Glocks have a very simple and rudimentary post and notch sights, which work reasonably well, but if you want sights that are easy to use in low light situations, can be picked up by the eye quickly, and help you shoot more accurately, the Tyrant CNC Glock Compatible Sights are worth checking out.

Innovative Design

The Glock sights from Tyrant CNC have a unique serration on the rear sights, which breaks up glare in any lighting situation. Moreover, combined with the unique design of the front sights, these serrations help draw your eyes to the target and allow for faster and easier target acquisition.

The sights have a low profile, which makes them snag-free, and they are made from durable 7075 aluminum, which prevents the front sight from getting damaged while holstering the pistol. Overall, the Tyrant CNC Sights are an excellent replacement to the stock sights on a Glock, and they can improve your performance as a shooter quite significantly.



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