• Bolt handle has been extended 0.25" for faster and easier operation
  • Polished, hardened, and coated recoil rod for smoother action
  • Reduces friction which improves both feeding and ejecting
  • Long lasting cryogenically treated recoil rod spring


  • Material:
    • Recoil Rod: Steel
    • Bolt Handle: Aluminum
  • Finish: Black or Silver


  • Ruger 10/22


  • 1x Extended Bolt Handle (Assembled)
  • 1x Recoil Rod (Assembled)
  • 1x Recoil Rod Spring (Assembled)


There are many quality-of-life upgrades whose benefits are seldom noticed until they’ve been made. A fine-crafted bolt handle is one of those upgrades. This expertly machined Ruger 10/22 bolt handle can improve your performance on the range or in the field by providing you with reliable operation and fast cycling times. Feel the difference with this Ruger 10/22 bolt handle.

How Does The Volquartsen Ruger 10/22 Extended Bolt Handle Improve Performance?

The Volquartsen 10/22 extended bolt handle is a long-lasting and reliable charging handle. The grooved handle makes it easy to grip, which means fast charging and smooth clearing. The recoil rod of this 10/22 charging handle is finished with an innovative hardened coating that makes it extremely durable and resistant to bending or flexing. This coating also contains lubricating features designed to improve feeding and ejecting. Smooth feeding and ejecting means fewer jams, which gives you more time on-target in the field or on the range.

This 10/22 Charging Handle Is Built To Last

Finally, the recoil rod spring of the 10/22 charging handle is treated with liquid nitrogen, giving it an unbelievable hardness that will last you for years to come. Give you and your rifle a quality-of-life upgrade with the Volquartsen 10/22 extended bolt handle.

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