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If you have been involved with the competition shooting world for any length of time the name Volquartsen is a familiar one. The company as a whole has carved itself a niche in the high-end firearms community. By taking on the task of making custom products available to the common shooter, Volquartsen has made the shooting community a better place.

Volquartsen - Build It Better!

Thomas P. Volquartsen began his fledgling company as a hobby in 1974. In the beginning, it existed as only a home-spun gun-bluing operation. As the business grew, it became more than just a hobby and was incorporated in 1988 as Volquartsen Custom Ltd. Once again in 2005, the company reincorporated as V Custom Inc., now with Scott Volquartsen and Nic Volquartsen serving as co-presidents.

"Handcrafted" Doesn't Always Mean "Well-Crafted"

Today, they produce a wide array of Volquartsen 10/22 Parts as well as complete match-grade components for other .22LR semi-auto rifles and pistols. The company focuses on delivering a quality product instead of cranking out a huge volume of mediocre stuff. Volquartsen employs only the latest state-of-the-art computer-controlled equipment to create firearm parts that are not only extremely accurate but are truly works of art.

The Volquartsen Target Trigger is arguably the finest adjustable trigger that can be had for the money. It is a drop-in upgrade like all of their near custom-made parts. Over the years their product line has grown to include not only Volquartsen 10/22 Parts but must have upgrades for a number of other platforms. The Ruger Mark series pistols, Ruger 22/45, Walther P22, SW22, S&W M&P 15-22, and the Remington 870 & 1100 shotgun have all seen Volquartsen include them in the menagerie of aftermarket parts they provide.

Pursuit of Perfection

Scott Volquartsen has stated that he believes you deserve better than a standard anything. You can find cheaper; however, you will be hard-pressed to find anything better. Whether you're in the market for only a Volquartsen Target Trigger or you're ready for a custom build, Volquartsen hits the mark.