MPN: APRH101237


  • Mounting hardware included
  • Made in the U.S.A.


  • Material: Steel
  • Weight:
    • Ejection Port Cover Door Assembly: 0.81 oz.
    • Forward Assist Assembly: 0.78 oz.


  • Aero Precision M5E1 Enhanced Upper Receivers
  • Aero Precision M5E1 Threaded Upper Receivers
  • If installing on DPMS Style AR10, you will need a standard forward assist roll pin.


  • 1x Ejection Port Cover
  • 1x Ejection Port Cover Rod
  • 1x Ejection Port Cover Spring
  • 1x Forward Assist Assembly
  • 1x Forward Assist Spring
  • 1x Forward Assist Roll Pin


Should you get a complete rifle, or build it one piece-at-a-time, like Johnny Cash? Let’s start with a couple of the smaller parts like the dust cover and forward assist. You know that you need them, and you shouldn’t run without them. Now you have the power to decide where to get a 308 upper parts kit and get all the parts for both at once. Aero Precision quality at a reasonable price is just a click away.

What Makes Your Ideal Gun?

The easiest thing to do is buy a complete weapon and be done with it. But, is what you really want? Well, that depends on your needs, skills, and purpose for the gun. If you’re starting and have no specifics in mind, then going with something off the rack is probably the way to go. However, if you have something in mind that just isn’t out there. I bet the notion of getting individual parts, and building what you see in your head has crossed your mind.

In This Case, Opposites Do Not Attract

Unlike the mil-spec AR-15, which enjoys parts conformity, the AR-10 can be a finicky critter. Therefore, now is not the time to mix-and-match parts. Altogether, an AR-10/M-5 is going to cost more. So, now is not the time to try something just for fun. If you’re finishing a new Aero Precision build, don’t gamble your money on anything but an Aero Precision 308 upper parts kit. Is that AR-10 that has been rambling around your mind getting ready to turn real? Getting all the components from a reputable, quality manufacturer like Aero Precision is a smart move. You will save time, and time is money.

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