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Wing Tactical is proud to offer Aero Precision AR-15 parts and Aero Precision AR-10 components.

Aero Precision specializes in Mil-Spec rifles, components, and optics mounts, and the brand’s aerospace roots drive their pursuit of technical perfection and unmatched tolerances. Shooters who choose Aero Precision for AR-15 or AR-10 customization can rest easy—their components are built to last.

Custom Aero Precision AR-15 rifle with a dust cover, forward assist, and Leupold optic.

Aero Precision: Superior Durability and Detail

At Wing Tactical, we strive to share our passion and expertise with our customers by offering only the best AR-15 parts from the industry's leading manufacturers, including Aero Precision.

Based in Tacoma, Washington, Aero Precision enforces Mil-Spec standards and published specifications within tolerances unmatched by other manufacturers. Attention to detail, quality, and state-of-the-art manufacturing set Aero Precision’s AR-15 and AR-10 components apart from other top-tier components manufacturers.

Wing Tactical is proud to offer an extensive collection of Aero Precision parts and accessories to upgrade your AR-15 or inspire your next custom build.

 Aero Precision AR-10 complete upper receiver with Atlas handguard

Aero Precision AR-10 and AR-15 Complete Upper Receivers

For shooters looking for a more convenient, resource-efficient building option for their next custom AR-10 or AR-15, consider Aero Precision’s wide collection of pre-assembled, complete upper receivers.

Available in numerous calibers and featuring various barrel lengths, Aero Precision has a complete upper for nearly every shooting application.

14.5” Aero Precision AR-15 barrel in 5.56 NATO


Barrel quality is a significant contributing factor to rifle accuracy, and barrel characteristics can impact shooting performance, shooter comfort, and application practicality.

Wing Tactical offers a variety of Aero Precision barrels for AR-10 and AR-15—builders can choose from numerous lengths, calibers, and designs to customize their rifles.

 Aero Precision AR-10 field repair kit including bolt catch spring, trigger spring, buffer retainer, and more

Field Repair Kits

Whether you’re a fixture at your local range or carrying your rifle on a long-range wilderness journey, the ability to repair your rifle in the field can make or break your next adventure.

Aero Precision offers field repair kits for numerous rifle models (including AR-15 and AR-10). Keeping a field repair kit in your pack means you’ll never get caught without the spring, screw, or pin you need for a quick fix

Wing Tactical and Aero Precision: A Partnership Built to Last

Wing Tactical is a veteran-founded company dedicated to helping you find all of the AR platform parts and accessories you need to upgrade your firearm, rebuild, or start a new project from scratch. Our expert team takes the time to select the best products for our store, and we only stock items that we'd use in our own custom rifles.

Each dependable Aero Precision AR-15 product in our shop is hand-picked by our team of firearm experts and backed by our quality guarantee. Law enforcement officers, military personnel, competition shooters, and civilian gun enthusiasts alike can shop our selection of Aero Precision parts with confidence.

If you have questions about a product or need advice on your next build, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is happy to help! Reach out to our team for expert tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between AR-15 and AR-10?

In today’s firearms market, both rifle styles are available in multiple calibers. However, the AR-10 (the predecessor to the M16/AR-15) was originally chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO (nearly identical to .308) while the AR-15 was originally chambered in .223.

While shooters can customize rifles of both platforms to best fit their shooting applications, AR-15 rifles typically feature shorter barrels and use smaller calibers. But the platforms are similar in many ways: they’re both highly modular, semi-automatic rifles that offer practicality for a wide variety of shooting applications (like home defense, competitive shooting, and hunting).

Does Aero Precision own Ballistic Advantage?

Ballistic Advantage is a majority-owned subsidiary of Aero Precision, and Wing Tactical is proud to offer components from both manufacturers.

Should you purchase a complete upper receiver assembly or build your own?

Both building your own upper receiver assembly and installing a pre-built assembly are practical options for today’s AR-15 and AR-10 builders. While building your own assembly might provide additional customization options, using a pre-built upper receiver can save builders time (and help them save money on specialized gunsmithing tools).

Which barrel length is right for my AR-15? What about my AR-10?

While factory-made AR-10 rifles generally feature longer barrels than their AR-15 counterparts, barrel lengths are easy to customize on both platforms.

Your ideal barrel length will depend primarily on your shooting application. Long barrels can (in some cases) increase muzzle velocity, but they can be unwieldy in some shooting scenarios (like turning tight corners in an indoor shooting environment). Shorter barrels can reduce carry weight, but they can decrease muzzle velocity in some calibers.

If you need help choosing the perfect barrel length, reach out to Wing Tactical’s expert team—we’re happy to help!

Who makes Aero Precision AR-15 barrels?

Since 2014, Aero Precision barrels have been manufactured by their partner company, Ballistic Advantage. Ballistic Advantage barrels are widely recognized for their superior craftsmanship, materials excellence, and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.