MPN: APRH100160C


  • Aero Precision M5 (.308) Complete Lower Parts Kit helps to build a custom .308 AR from the ground up
  • Mil-spec dimensions and coating ensure the highest quality and correct component interface
  • Made in the USA


  • 1x Takedown/Pivot Spring
  • 1x Takedown/Pivot Detent
  • 1x Trigger/Hammer Pin
  • 1x M5 .308 Takedown Pin
  • 1x M5 .308 Pivot Pin
  • 1x M5 .308 Bolt Catch
  • 1x Bolt Catch Spring
  • 1x Bolt Catch Buffer
  • 1x Bolt Catch Roll Pin
  • 1x Safety Selector
  • 1x Safety Selector Spring
  • 1x Safety Selector Detent
  • 1x Buffer Retainer
  • 1x Buffer Retainer Spring
  • 1x A2 Pistol Grip
  • 1x Pistol Grip Screw
  • 1x Pistol Grip Lock Washer
  • 1x Trigger Spring
  • 1x Hammer Spring
  • 1x Disconnector Spring
  • 1x Magazine Catch Body
  • 1x Magazine Catch Spring
  • 1x Extended Magazine Catch Button
  • 1x Hammer
  • 1x Trigger
  • 1x Disconnector


  • Aero Precision M5 .308 lower
  • Will work with DPMS-pattern lowers as well but takedown and pivot pins will stick out further


Complete your custom AR10 build, or always be prepared to keep your factory-built AR10 shooting smoothly with the Aero Precision AR-10 lower parts kit.

Aero Precision Quality

Aero Precision maintains its reputation for manufacturing high-quality parts with this lower parts kit. You will receive MIL-Spec dimension parts coated to stand up to long-term use.

Complete Your AR10 Build Or Stock Your Supply With The High-Quality Parts Included In The Aero Precision AR-10 Lower Parts Kit

If you are building a .308 AR10 from scratch, the Aero Precision AR-10 lower parts kit has everything you need to complete your build.

Alternatively, if you like being prepared, this lower parts kit is great to have on hand for owners of factory-built AR10s; if you misplace a part while cleaning your weapon, or if a part breaks, you can be ready to get back into action quickly.

Proudly Made in America

Aero Precision proudly produces these lower parts kits in America, allowing you to support an American company and American jobs with your purchase.

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