MPN: PKG-308


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight:
    • Buffer Tube: 3.25 oz.
    • Buffer: ~8.5 oz.
  • Length: 10.12"


  • AR-10


  • 1x A2 Buttstock Extension Tube
  • 1x Standard Rifle-Length Buffer Spring
  • 1x Standard .308 Rifle Buffer


If you're looking for quality AR10 rifle buffer tube kit for your weapon, consider this AR 308 rifle buffer tube assembly kit by LUTH-AR. As the owner of an AR 308 rifle, you understand the importance of using only the best. Substandard and faulty parts can make your shooting experience frustrating, to say the least.

LUTH-AR was founded by Randy E. Luth, a man who has had more than 30 years of experience in the AR-15 industry. He is also the founder of D.P.M.S./Panther Arms, one of the largest manufactures of the AR rifle in the world.

Buffer tube assemblies are responsible for absorbing the shock created by the recoil of an AR rifle and for returning the bolt to the firing position. The spring within the buffer tube absorbs the force from the bolt after the rifle is fired.

This AR10 rifle buffer tube kit contains everything you need for a first-time installation or a replacement, including a 308 buttstock buffer spring, an A2 buttstock extension tube (buffer tube) and a standard 308 rifle buffer. Give your rifle the attention it deserves with high-quality parts. If you take care of your rifle, it will take care of you when you find yourself depending on it.

This LUTH-AR Buffer Tube Assembly Kit is for AR-10 / 308 AR platform rifles, for AR-15 version, please look at the LUTH-AR Buffer Tube Assembly Kit (AR 15).


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