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Luth-AR MBA Stocks

LUTH-AR is well-known for innovative design in AR stock manufacture. Customer testimonials have all spoken of the usefulness of the designs produced by this company. Perhaps the best thing the company is known for is the lightweight MBA stock. Lightweight stocks can play an important role in improving a shooter’s experience with his or her rifle.

The MBA-1 features full adjustability for an additional 1 1/16-inch length of pull. The stock is approximately half the weight of comparable materials. As such, the MBA-1 weighs a mere 1.26 pounds. It is a breeze to replace and to install and fits on most .223 and .380 rifles. The stock is made from glass-filled nylon for unheard-of strength at a minimal weight.

The ”Skullaton” MBA-2 is also lightweight at 0.7 pounds. The sleek 21st century appearance of this stock gives your fixed stock AR a modern-day appeal. Also made from glass-filled nylon, the Skullaton compatible with Luth-AR accessories including removable cheek plates and butt plates. The MBA-2 is completely interchangeable with standard A2 or A1 buttstocks as well as any other aftermarket buttstock with an overall length of 10.5 inches.

Other products by LUTH-AR include the buffer tube assembly kits. Buffer tubes absorb shock from the bolt after rifle fire and return the bolt to the firing position. With a buffer tube assembly kit from LUTH-AR parts, you can easily replace your existing buffer tube or install this one new. The buffer tube assembly kit comes with an A2 buttstock extension tube, standard 223 buttstock buffer spring and standard buffer body assembly.

Additional useful LUTH-AR AR-15 parts and related LUTH-AR accessories include high-quality, durable, reliable swivels and extended butt plate spacers.

Experience, Expertise, Knowledge, Innovation

Whether it’s stocks, buffer tube kits, extended butt plate spacers or any other LUTH-AR parts, when you buy a LUTH-AR product, you know that you’re getting a commitment to quality. LUTH-AR products are designed to innovate, enhance and improve your shooting and gun owning experience, and every product in the LUTH-AR line is built and shipped with that goal in mind.

The President of LUTH-AR has over 30 years of experience in the firearms industry working with AR-15s, and founded a company with seven patents, countless manufactured AR firearms to its credit and a reputation for helping bring the AR rifle into popular use in the hunting community.

That kind of dedication, experience and innovation is what you’ll find in every single LUTH-AR product. LUTH-AR expects the best from every product the company makes, and LUTH-AR customers should expect no less from every one of the LUTH-AR parts they purchase.