• Modular buttstock assembly for the AR
  • Additional 1″ height on cheek rest
  • Additional 1 1/16″ length of pull with extended length buttplate
  • Interchangeable with standard A1 or A2 buttstocks or any aftermarket buttstock with overall length of approximately 10.5" (Not interchangeable with carbine rifles with telescoping assemblies.)
  • Fully Ambidextrous and can be comfortably used shooting off either shoulder (Cheek piece pre-installed for right handed shooters but can be installed on either side for right or left hand shooters)


  • Material: Glass Filled Nylon
  • Finish: Black or Flat Dark Earth
  • Weight: 1 lb. 2.9 oz.
  • Length: 10.56" ( 11.5" extended )
  • Height: 5"
  • Width: 2.24"



  • 1x LUTH-AR MBA-1 Stock
  • 1x Adjustable Cheek Rest (installed)
  • 1x Adjustable Rubber Butt Pad (Installed)
  • 1x Allen Wrench
  • 1x Mounting Screw



Buttstocks are responsible for allowing shooters to have better control over their weapons. A good buttstock should be lightweight yet durable, with good recoil absorbency. Also buttstock should, preferably, be adjustable to accommodate all the different shapes and sizes of shooters out there. With all these features in mind, the LUTH-AR MBA 1 Stock has it all.

Lightweight Precision LUTH-AR Stock

The LUTH-AR MBA-1 is one of the most lightweight adjustable buttstocks on the market. At 1.26 pounds, it weighs fully half the weight of competing buttstocks on the market. This glass-filled nylon buttstock is extremely durable with the added benefit of minimal weight.

One of the most important criteria to be considered when purchasing or modifying a rifle is its length of pull. If the weapon does not fit your length of pull, you may be unable to fire the rifle accurately. Thankfully, the LUTH-AR MBA-1 is fully adjustable for both length of pull and cheek weld. This Luth-AR stock is also fully ambidextrous and is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed shooters. Furthermore, the Luth-AR MBA is interchangeable with A1 and A2 buttstocks, as well as any other aftermarket stock with an approximate length of 10.5 inches.

For a lightweight stock that’s quick to install, consider the LUTH-AR Modular Buttstock as the solution to the shooter's dual need for simplicity and strength.

The LUTH-AR Modular Buttstock Assembly (MBA) comes in: Black and Flat Dark Earth.

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