• Aggressive serrations on the front and back of the latch support use with either shooting gloves or without
  • Redesigned cam system in place of a standard roll pin for better durability
  • Available in both left and right handed version
  • Made in the U.S.A.

*Right-Handed version - meaning the latch will be on the bolt catch side

*Left-Handed version - meaning the latch will be on the forward assist side


  • Material: 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Wight: 1.06 oz.


  • AR-15

**Left Handed version only works with upper receivers that are designed with the cutout for the latch to hook into. Such as the Fortis Billet Upper Receiver.


When you want to customize a new build or change components on an existing build so you can make your weapon as much an extension of yourself as possible, there are a lot of choices you might make. Lots of people are switching to ambidextrous controls to accommodate their personal operating style, but what about the blade runners? You know, those of you who palm the charging handle, what’s out there for you? Wing Tactical has an offering that’s made for you. The Fortis Clutch charging handle is designed specifically for operators who use this charging method.

What Makes the Fortis Clutch Different?

The Fortis Clutch Charging Handle is available for either right or left side operators. It gives the operator a nice sized latch handle that they can actually use and eliminates the dead weight of the off-side handle. Without the unnecessary handle sticking out, you snag on other equipment and things in your operating environment far less often. Fortis has replaced the weak-link roll pin that secures most charging handles with a cam system that won’t let you down. it’s stronger to take the heat of the moment as well as more durable in the long run than any roll pin could ever be.

Quality Design and Manufacturing, Strong in the Field

The Fortis Clutch is cut from 7075 T6 aluminum billet. Precision machining of aircraft grade aluminum produces components that are accurate to print and provide excellent fitment. The Clutch latch support features serrations intended to provide more aggressive purchase when shooting with or without gloves. For the palm style operator, this is the surest, strongest, purpose-built charging handle on the market.

Right or Left Choose Your Operating Side

The Clutch Charging Handle is available in left or right operating models, Clutch Charging Handle Left puts the handle latch on the forward assist side while using. Clutch Charging Handle Right will put the handle latch on the opposite side. Whether you choose the Clutch Charging Handle Right or Clutch Charging Handle Left, it will need to have an appropriate cutout for the latch to hook onto. Questions? the Wing Tactical Customer Service Team is here to help.

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