• Drop-in replacement for standard buffer and spring
  • Reduce felt recoil
  • Keep the buffer spring from rubbing against the inner wall of the buffer tube
  • Buffer mass is designed to stay under constant tension against the bolt carrier
  • Rubber O-ring on the head of the buffer mass prevents metal on metal contact
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • For A1 or A2 style stocks, Fixed Stock to Carbine Spacer is needed. (Sold separately)


  • Length: 7.18"
  • Actual Weight (Complete System):
    • Standard: 6.2 oz.
    • Heavy: 6.6 oz.
    • H2: 7.4 oz.
    • H3: 8.0 oz.
    • 9MM: 9.5 oz.
  • Equivalent Buffer Weight:
    • Standard: 3.3 oz.
    • Heavy: 3.8 oz.
    • H2: 4.7 oz.
    • H3: 5.7 oz.
    • 9MM: 6.4 oz.


  • AR-15 with carbine-length buffer tube

For SRS-9 in your 9mm AR pistol or rifle, the extra weight on the back of the bolt carrier needs to be removed.


Improve your performance at the range with an Armaspec AR-15 Stealth Recoil Spring Buffer Assembly from Wing Tactical. This multistage drop-in replacement for your stock buffer system is one of the best upgrades available if you want a quieter AR-15.

The Armaspec AR-15 stealth carbine recoil spring system keeps the buffer spring from touching the buffer tube's inner wall, eliminating any rattling in the receiver extension for quieter sound and smoother action. What's more, the system significantly reduces recoil, helping to improve your control.

Stealth Design

The Armaspec stealth recoil spring is self-contained. It keeps constant tension on the bolt group carrier, so new builds don't need the buffer spring retainer. There's also a rubber O-ring on the head of the buffer, preventing metal-to-metal contact.

A central rod holds the assembly's dual springs in place. These springs reduce excessive recoil by operating in two stages. Since the springs don't touch the inside of the buffer tube, they won't wear prematurely or make noises like those in standard buffer systems.

Stealth Recoil Spring for Sale From Wing Tactical

Enhance the quality and precision of your gun by purchasing this Armaspec buffer assembly from Wing Tactical. The assembly comes in several different buffer weights so you can select the right option for your needs. We also offer next-day shipping to get you the products you need as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, reach out to our experienced team today. They'll be happy to guide you to the best upgrades for your AR-15.

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Reviews (20)

  • Game changer for me

    Posted by Alex on 28th Aug 2022

    I was having some feeding issues with my 7.5” AR pistol. At first thought it was the mags but when I ran them through my buddy’s they ran flawlessly. Figured it had to be the buffer. Threw this bad boy in and she runs like a champ now. No feeding issues and she actually feels smoother. Helped reduce some of the snap she had and overall just feels so much nicer on those follow up shots. Will be buying more of these for my next builds!

  • Low Price But High Quality

    Posted by Combat Tuna on 6th Dec 2020

    I have been a big fan of the JP Enterprises Silent Captured Springs, and usually used them on all my builds. The reviews and price on this one though made me want to give it a try, and I am certainly glad I did! I really love that this spring doesn't require a buffer capture pin, making installation a breeze, and the ability to swap between spring weights as easy as pulling one out and dropping the other right in. The dual-stage spring system on this buffer makes it feel almost like a hydraulic when cycling the gun manually, and the O-Ring retainer keeps the BCG nice and tight against it. I'd say it is very nearly as quiet as the JP's, and when firing the loudest portion of the action you will hear is the ping of the brass off the deflector, no spring twang or BCG rattle to speak of. I will definitely be buying another of these buffers for a future build.

  • Armaspec stealth

    Posted by Rommel B. on 2nd Jul 2020

    This product is awesome!

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