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Armaspec, Inc. is a California based tactical arms parts and accessories manufacturer. Their design and manufacturing team makes it their mission to present products to the market that aren’t just sturdy, but thrive under any condition. Armaspec’s offerings are intended to give you a tactical edge, wherever you are.


Armaspec: Battle Proof Designs

Whatever your challenge is, Armaspec products are built to take it on. Battle Proof components are made to withstand and function properly in the harshest real-world environments you can imagine. Every product is tested to be sure you’ll have an advantage, whether you operate in the dark, in desert heat, or pouring rain. Whether you take it to the range or the mud, sweat, and blood of real combat operations, you’ll have the edge you need to come out on top.

Armaspec components aren’t just the same parts as the last guy’s with a new logo stamped on them. Everything Armaspec offers is designed and manufactured to be tactically superior to Mil-spec versions. Even small components like the Enhanced Takedown/Pivot pin set are packed with advanced features. Concave push points that make removal a breeze and patented the EZ-Set™ retention system keeps them in place.

Armaspec Victory Charging Handle

Real Pride, Real Warranty

Every Armaspec part is proudly made in America. They’re confident that the components they offer will give you that tactical edge throughout a long service life. Every Armaspec part carries a full LIFETIME WARRANTY.

A Shared Mission

The mission of Armaspec, Inc. is to give you a tactical edge. It just so happens, that when it boils down to it, the customer service, quality, and value that Wing Tactical offers you are intended to let you do just that: Give Yourself an Edge! Call it fate, or maybe careful alignment with suppliers that share our core values and the values of our customers. Whatever you label it, the partnership of Wing Tactical with Armaspec, Inc. presents our customers with a distinct advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Armaspec products manufactured?

Armaspec products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A., adhering to high-quality standards.

What makes the Stealth Recoil Spring different from standard buffer systems?

The Stealth Recoil Spring (SRS) is a self-contained multi-stage drop-in replacement for your standard buffer and spring.

Another main selling point of the SRS is that it offers a quieter sound during the cycling of the action. In standard buffer systems, the spring can produce a noticeable "twang" sound inside the buffer tube when the weapon is fired. The SRS reduces this noise, leading to a more muted and smooth sound.

Are Armaspec products compatible with all AR-15 and AR-10 platforms?

Many of Armaspec's products are designed to be compatible with Mil-Spec AR-15 and AR-10 platforms. However, as with all aftermarket parts, checking the product details and your specific firearm model for compatibility before making a purchase is essential.

Does Armaspec produce products for platforms other than the AR-15 and AR-10?

Armaspec, although renowned for its AR platform offerings, also caters to other firearm platforms with a range of parts and accessories for Glock, AK, and 1911.