MPN: 4245


  • Aggressive textured front for enhanced traction on barricades and obstacles
  • Low profile base also functions as a comfortable hand stop
  • Fits all M-LOK handguards


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodized
  • Weight: 0.92 oz.
  • Length: 2"
  • Height: 1"
  • Width: 0.77"


  • All M-LOK system


  • 1x ERGO Hand Stop / Barricade Stop
  • 2x M-LOK Nuts
  • 2x Mounting Screws


If you want to improve the ergonomics of your rifle, installing a hand stop can have several advantages. It allows you to maintain a solid grip on your slim profile handguard and prevents your hand from slipping due to recoil.

Hand stops are beneficial for AR pistols, which have very short barrels. With such firearms, it is very easy for the shooter's hand to slip in front of the barrel under the effect of the recoil. This can be very dangerous and lead to severe injuries.

The ERGO Hand Stop / Barricade Stop effectively counter these problems, and it can significantly improve the ergonomics of your AR platform rifle or pistol. This hand stop has an aggressive texture on the front, which allows you to use it as a barricade stop and rest the gun against a low wall or barricade to get more stable and accurate shots.

The ERGO Hand Stop / Barricade Stop is made from 6061-T6 aluminum, has an anodized finish, and is compatible with all M-LOK handguards.

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