• Adjustable angle - 7 possible angles between from vertical to horizontal
  • No Movement - folding mechanism allows no slop or rattle
  • Battery Storage - waterproof no-rattle storage for batteries
  • Strong and Lightweight - reinforced polymer composite
  • No slip design - secure grip even with gloves, comfortable without gloves
  • Universal fit - Fits All Standard Picatinny Rails


  • Material: Polymer
  • Length: 2.58"
  • Height: 4.35"
  • Width: 1.45"
  • Wight: 4.7 oz.


  • All 1913 Picatinny rails


Every once in a while, an AR-15 folding grip goes beyond an accessory and becomes a tactical necessity. Well, that happens more often than you might suspect when you're dealing with a company like FAB Defense. They are primarily a manufacturer of high-end accessories for the Israeli military and police. The FAB Defense folding grip is used extensively by the Israeli special forces. The FAB Defense Folding Foregrip enhances the functionality, control, and versatility of your weapon. The unique design of this seven-position tactical folding foregrip enables you to modify your natural fighting stance.

Why FAB Defense Folding Foregrip?

The preferred position of an AR-15 foregrip varies greatly from person to person. That's why FAB Defense has rolled out the 7-Position Tactical Folding Foregrip (T-FL). Instead of being locked into one specific style of foregrip, the FAB Defense Folding Foregrip gives you options. As the name indicates, this AR-15 folding grip has seven places that you can lock it into service. It can be an old-school vertical grip for CQB, or you can move it all the way to the front or back. With the quick push of a button, your tactical folding foregrip changes from handstop to a barricade stop and pretty much everything in between.

The grip position can be adjusted instantly with the push of a button. Two screws holds the grip securely in its position. The deep knurling on the grip itself ensures a positive hold. Inside of the grip is a waterproof compartment designed to store an extra battery for mounted flashlights or optic. Polymer construction reinforced with fiberglass allows this grip to shrug off the roughest handling.

FAB Defense Folding Grip Is Designed For Real World Use

The FAB Defense folding grip is just long enough for you to get the job done. It doesn't stick way out and hang up on everything. Its super-tough, reinforced polymer construction will handle the recoil of any gun, from your AR-15 all the way up to 12-gauge magnum buckshot loads. Its design keeps your hand close to the barrel of your weapon. Consequently, you can naturally drive your gun to the target.

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