• Durable and slim design with a low profile
  • Build-in adjustable cheek piece for optimal eye-to-target alignment
  • Allows for appropriate trigger access even when folded
  • Integrated quick-detach sling swivel connectors on both sides
  • Rubber butt pad enhances tactical performance and reduces recoil
  • Locking is released with the push of a button
  • Spring lock on folded position ensures security
  • Opens with a simple pulling motion and locks in place
  • Comes with a left-folding stock by default

*Many States and localities regulate the use or possession of collapsible and folding stocks. Use or possession of this product in conjunction with certain other parts may be illegal in some jurisdictions. Please ensure your use of this product complies with all Federal, State, and local laws and regulations before purchase.


  • Material: Polymer Body with Aluminum Mount
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 14.4 oz.
  • Height: 4.7"
  • Width: 1.81"
  • Length: 10.1"


  • Most milled receiver AK 47 (Polymer Joint)


  • 1x FAB Defense UAS-AKMIL P Tactical Folding Stock w/ Cheek Riser for Milled AK


Enhance your milled AK's functionality and style with the FAB Defense UAS-AKMIL P Tactical Folding Stock. Designed for AK enthusiasts who seek precision and adaptability in their gear, this upgrade is a transformative addition to your arsenal.

Ergonomic Design for Superior Control

The slim, robust design, along with an adjustable cheek riser, guarantees optimal eye-to-target alignment. Enjoy a noticeable improvement in both accuracy and comfort, whether you're sighting in or scanning the horizon.

Tactical Advantage in Any Situation

Imagine the edge you'd have with a stock that folds effortlessly, allowing for unmatched portability and space-saving convenience. Moving through dense brush or navigating urban environments, the ability to swiftly transition from a compact carry to combat-ready gives you a tactical advantage in any scenario.

Built for the Field

With features like a rubber butt pad to absorb recoil and quick-detach sling swivel connectors, this stock enhances your operational performance without sacrificing durability. Whether it's for a challenging outdoor adventure or competitive shooting, the FAB Defense UAS-AKMIL P brings confidence to every pull of the trigger.

Upgrade to the FAB Defense UAS-AKMIL P Tactical Folding Stock and transform your milled AK into a versatile, precision instrument that stands up to the demands of the modern shooter.

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