• Streamlined profile
  • Aggressive texture for positive control
  • Fits a variety of hand sizes
  • Meets a variety of needs with the 3 angles available
  • Storage for small items, such as, batteries, or spare bolt/firing pin


  • Material: Polymer
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 2.43 oz.
  • Width: 1.16"
  • Height:
    • 15-Degree: 4.2"
    • 20-Degree: 4.12"
    • 25-Degree: 4.06"


  • AR-15 and AR-10


  • 1x Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip
  • 1x Rubber Compartment End Cap
  • 1x Pistol Grip Screw
  • 1x Washer


There are a lot of things you can do to customize the look and feel of your personal rifles, but there are few accessories that can make as much difference to the handling of your weapon as choosing the right pistol grip angle. There are literally thousands of different grips on the market, but Wing Tactical has something special for you. The Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip is a top of the line grip that offers great ergonomics for a variety of shooters.

Enhanced Design for Every Shooter

When you want a grip that gives you the deft handling you’ve always wanted, look no further than Strike Industries Pistol Grip. This Strike Industries Grip features a sculpted rear line with a finer grip contour that gives the shooter a greater range of motion for easy access to controls without a big change in grasp. A broad palm contact surface keeps you in control and reduces fatigue during long engagement sessions. Each grip features an ergonomic beavertail to offer comfort, as well as a built-in storage compartment that closes securely with a high-grade rubber endcap.

Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip Offers Three Angles to Choose From

The Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip is available in three models. Choose the angle that works best for you whether it’s a business-like 15-degree grip, the extra aggressive 25-degree version or a more moderate 20-degree grip. It doesn’t matter which grip angle you choose, the Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip features aggressive grip texture for positive purchase and control even when conditions aren’t in your favor. Strike Industries quality and Wing Tactical’s commitment to customer service make this grip an easy way to give yourself an edge.

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Reviews (8)

  • Hand grip

    Posted by James on 3rd Jun 2021

    Looks good, I haven’t installed it yet

  • Max Angle

    Posted by Zac on 23rd Jan 2021

    I am a south paw only in shooting and with this goofy non-sensical manner of how my body decides to best operate weapons systems I have had to adjust myself to platforms. I love the multiple angle concept offered by SI and took the leap to the extreme angle just to see how it would feel. The side pads with texture do offer some nice positive contact, personally I seek very aggressive grips so this is a great foundation for anyone to take and make. Let us get to what I find the most intriguing. The extreme angle of this grip allows me to naturally position my AR pistol at ready. There is no after thought or adjustment during. SI solved a problem that I didn't even realize was this easy to correct. I will be buying the medium angle grip for another rifle to see how I prefer the slight tilt but for now I am a happy little camped with this in hand.

  • Excellent Feel

    Posted by Alex on 25th Nov 2019

    I ordered this grip for my new AR build and after getting a feel for each grip that I compared it to, I couldn't be happier with this grip for my new build. I ordered the 20-degree angel and I have to say that for me, it's a Wonderful fit, because I feel that I can actually grip it with integrity. As opposed to something that would feel more equal to a basketball-like feeling. I have one like that that came with one of my AR's when I bought it and I'm able to use it just fine, but for this particular build that I doing, as I said, I found some integrity to it. And with the angel met right in the middle between three options, in my opinion, it hugs your hand when you grip it, I found that the storage feature is securely fastened, and it's just a wonderful grip so far.

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