• Streamlined profile, rubberized overmolded grip improves control
  • Non-slip, aggressive texture for positive control
  • Increased comfort, fits a variety of hand sizes
  • Meets a variety of needs with the 3 angles available: 15, 20, 25 degrees
  • Storage with rubber end cap for small items, such as, batteries, or spare bolt/firing pin
  • Comes in Black (15, 20, 25 degrees) and Flat Dark Earth (15 degrees)
  • 15 Degree: Reduced angle for a more compact and ergonomic handling of the firearm. Suited for today's "Squared Off" modern style of fighting
  • 20 Degree: For those who want a good medium-angled grip amount the 3-choices
  • 25 Degree: Targeted toward the traditional rifleman style of shooting where the shooter would stand bladed and the shooting elbow is canted to the side


  • Material: Polymer and Overmolded Rubber
  • Finish: Black and Flat Dark Earth
  • Weight: 2.57 oz.
  • Width: 1.14"
  • Length: 2.12"
  • Height: 4.20"


  • AR-15 and AR-10


  • 1x Strike Industries Overmolded AR Enhanced Pistol Grip
  • 1x Rubber Compartment End Cap
  • 1x Pistol Grip Screw
  • 1x Washer

AR Overmolded Enhanced Pistol Grip


Improving upon their already outstanding Enhanced Pistol Grip, Strike Industries introduces their AR Overmodeled Enhanced Pistol Grip with a rubberized texture to give you better control and improved comfort. A hidden storage compartment and the choice of the three different angles of 15, 20, and 25 degrees make this one of the most versatile and shooter-friendly pistol grips on the market.

Comfort Control and Performance

This Strike Industries pistol grip is a significant upgrade for your AR competition or a custom build. The rubberized over-molded grip has a positive, aggressive texture, with stippling on the sides and ridges on the front and back giving you a non-slip grip. This gives you outstanding control but still allows free range of movement with your firing hand to operate the weapon controls. Choose the best angle that fits your shooting style. The Strike Industries 15-degree grip provides a reduced angle and better handling, making it perfect if you use a modern CQB fighting style. If you prefer a traditional shooting style, the 25-degree grip is for you, while the 20-degree is a good angle in between. Strike Industries helps you customize your AR build to complement your specific shooting style.

Strike Industries Convenience and Innovation

Convenience and smart innovation are clear with this Strike Industries pistol grip. It comes with a built-in compartment complete with a rubber end cap, where you can store small items like an extra firing pin or batteries. Whether you choose the Strike Industries 15-degree grip or other angle options, this upgrade will bring your AR build to another level. Improve your comfort and performance with the Strike Industries Overmodeled Enhanced Pistol Grip.

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