MPN: 4373-3PK-BK


  • Protects rails from damage and protects shooters from rail edges
  • Prevents damage to skin, gear, and clothing that contacts rail edges
  • Made from flexible chemical and heat resistant rubber
  • Rubbery grip surface for improved weapon control
  • Easily trimmed for customized length


  • Material: Rubber
  • Finish: Black
  • Weight: 0.39 oz.
  • Length: 6.93"
  • Width: 1.03"


  • All Picatinny rail system


  • 3x ERGO 18-Slot Low-Pro Ladder Rail Covers (4-Slot)


Protect the useful life of your Picatinny rails and improve your handling of your AR15 with these ERGO Ladder Rail Covers.

ERGO Ladder Rail Covers Preserve Your Picatinny Rails

Without using low-profile Picatinny rail covers, your rails are susceptible to damage, reducing their ability to hold parts. By installing these ERGO Ladder Rail Covers, you can be confident that when you are ready to mount a new part on your AR15, the Picatinny rail will be ready to hold the new part effectively.

Contribute Towards Better Handling Of Your AR15 With Low-Profile Picatinny Rail Covers

While Picatinny rails are useful, they can be rough to handle due to their sharp edges. Many shooters have injured their hands or arms, or damaged clothing or gear due to these sharp edges. These rail covers make handling your AR15 more ergonomic due to their rubber texture, contributing towards shooters being more comfortable handling their weapons. They also can prevent damage to your other gear that your Picatinny rails come into contact with.

Made from High-Quality Rubber and Easy to Install

Manufactured with flexible rubber, these rail covers are heat and chemical resistant. These low-profile Picatinny rail covers are also simple to install; shooters may trim them to obtain an exact fitting.

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