MPN: 90502 / 91504 / 92502 / 92504 / 93502 / 93504 / 96502 / 96504


  • Patented one piece CMC drop-in trigger assembly installs in minutes.
  • Ultra-crisp 2-stage trigger
  • Super clean glass-smooth break at second stage
  • No over travel
  • Minimal lock time
  • Positive trigger reset
  • Tolerances of +/- .001" for all engagement surfaces
  • Made from 8620 Alloy steel and S7 Tool steel
  • Fits all Mil-Spec receivers


  • Material: S7 Tool Steel Trigger and Sear with 8620 Alloy Steel Housing
  • Type: 2-Stage
  • Pull Weight:
    • 1-lb Set/3-lb Release
    • 2-lb Set/2-lb Release
    • 2-lb Set/3-lb Release
    • 2-lb Set/4-lb Release
  • Trigger Style: Curved or Flat Trigger
  • Pins Size: Small Pins (.154)


  • AR-15 / AR-10 platforms

**Not recommended for use in 5.45 x 39


  • 1x CMC 2-Stage Drop-In Trigger
  • 1x CMC Anti-Walk Pin Kit


When you’re finally ready to take the plunge and upgrade that standard trigger on your AR. You’re ready for a CMC Two Stage Trigger. You will find that this flat AR trigger gives you higher quality and superior performance compared to many other higher priced trigger groups.

Smooth, Crisp, And Fast, It’s Everything You Could Want in A 2-Stage Trigger

The CMC 2-Stage Trigger gives you an ultra-smooth movement with a glass-smooth break. Of course, a CMC flat trigger will increase your performance in any circumstances, you will definitely notice the increase in your accuracy at longer ranges. The CMC flat trigger changes the geometry of your trigger pull. Therefore, you will enjoy a faster, linear trigger pull. The CMC Two Stage Trigger is available in a variety of pull weights in order to match your specific needs.

CMC 2-Stage Trigger: Quality Upgrade at A Reasonable Price

Your new CMC flat trigger comes as one self-contained unit that’s easy to install. CMC has put a lot of thought into your flat AR trigger with quality and efficiency built into its construction. Therefore, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best flat AR trigger available. Many shooters are switching to a flat trigger, instead of traditional one. It’s a small profile change that looks great on your weapon. However, if you’re anything like the thousands of others that have taken the leap, you will love it. The CMC 2-Stage Trigger gives you the performance of a set trigger with the reliability you expect from a CMC product. When you feel that CMC Two Stage Trigger slide past its second stage you will be amazed when it happens.

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