MPN: 91701


  • Patented one piece CMC drop-in trigger assembly installs in minutes
  • No cheap tricks or compromises: Full-strength rocket wire springs for fast lock-time and reliable discharge with factory or military ammo
  • Ultra-crisp trigger with no feel of creep prior to hammer release
  • Glass-smooth break with no feel of grittiness
  • Minimal lock time
  • Positive trigger reset allows a quick follow up shot on target
  • Hand-assembled, and hand tested
  • Machined from 8620 Alloy steel and S7 Tool steel
  • Factory-tuned for a superior trigger pull with minimum take-up and over-travel
  • Comes with CMC Anti-Walk Pin Set
  • Fits Mil-Spec receivers


  • Material: S7 Tool Steel Trigger and Sear with 8620 Alloy Steel Housing
  • Type: Single-Stage
  • Pull Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Trigger Style: Curved Trigger
  • Pins Size: Small Pins (.154)


  • AR-15 / AR-10 platforms

**Not recommended for use in 5.45 x 39


  • 1x CMC Drop-In Single Stage Combat Curve Trigger (CCT)
  • 1x CMC Anti-Walk Pin Kit


Take the smoothness and speed of your AR's firing to another level by upgrading to CMC's Combat Curve Single Stage Trigger.

The CMC Combat Curve Trigger is Always Ready

You can shoot more seamlessly with your AR by improving the smoothness of the trigger. CMC has worked hard to make that happen and they have delivered. This trigger makes firing effortlessly fluid. Further, it rapidly resets, helping improve your speed on secondary shots.

The CMC Attention to Detail

CMC has made efforts to improve upon their design while reducing costs and continuing to use high quality materials. Their triggers are proudly hand assembled and hand tested in Texas.

The CMC Combat Curve Trigger Does Not Require A Gunsmith for Installation

You may choose to install your CMC trigger at home without the assistance of a gun smith; this drop-in trigger only require minutes to install.

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