• 5 to 9 lbs pull-weight
  • Sigle-stage
  • M4 style curved trigger


  • Material: Tool Steel
  • Finish: Phosphate
  • Type: Single Stage
  • Pull Weight: Between 5 lbs. - 9 lbs.
  • Trigger Style: Curved
  • Pin Size: Small Pin (.154)


  • AR-15 / AR-10 platforms


  • 1x Mil-Spec Trigger
  • 1x Trigger Return Spring
  • 1x Disconnector
  • 1x Disconnector Spring
  • 1x Rounded Hammer
  • 1x Hammer Spring
  • 1x Trigger Pin
  • 1x Hammer Pin


If you're looking for a trigger group that's reliable and easy to install, the Spike's Tactical Mil-Spec trigger group is an excellent choice. The single-stage product is priced affordably for its durability. Also, it comes with the springs, pins, and other components you need to install it.

Enjoy an Optimal Pull Weight Range

The pull weight range for this trigger group is between five and nine pounds. As a rule, most rifle owners aim for a pull weight that's no more than one-half of their rifle's weight.

Improve Operability with a Curved Design

The Spike's Tactical Mil-Spec trigger group features a traditional curved trigger, which is advantageous for optimizing contact between the finger pad and trigger surface. Also, its pressure distribution offers more comfort than a flat design. If you're looking to add parts that contribute to hassle-free operability, this trigger group is an excellent choice.

Lengthen Service Life

If you want a product that's designed to last, the Spike's Tactical Mil-Spec trigger group won't disappoint. It's made from tool steel with a phosphate finish. All parts are made in the United States and go through rigorous quality control measures.

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