• Drop in component that replaces the Mil-Spec magazine release button
  • Excellent ergonomic feel and self-centers
  • Textured angle serration design provide positive contact
  • Fit all AR-15 and .308 AR lower receivers that compatible with Mil-Spec magazine release buttons
  • Available in Black, Blue, Grey, and Red


  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Finish: Anodize
  • Weight: 0.07 oz.


  • AR-15 and AR-10


Well, you have your AR all dialed in and it runs through ammo without a single hiccup, however, it still needs a little something. How many magazine changes do you think you go through in a day? Wouldn’t it be great if that little something you upgrade would make those mag swaps go better? When you install a Phase 5 magazine release button those mag swaps will improve, so will you.

The Big Three

The three things you most often handle on your AR is the charging handle, the trigger, and the mag release button. It only makes sense to address one of these areas for an upgrade that you’ll get the most use out of. Unfortunately, sometimes the standard button seems to not want you to find it, it just blends into your receiver and you are left feeling around for it. The Phase 5 magazine release button is a direct replacement for the inefficient button that’s costing you time. Its prominent face has deeply textured lines angling across it that are easy to get a hand on and press into service.

Simple Perfection

Even when it’s something as basic as a mag release button some companies try and fail to get it even half right. Phase 5 doesn’t have half right in their vocabulary, the part is either perfect, or it doesn’t leave the building. Your new magazine release button by Phase 5 is CNC machined to microscopic tolerances, and it’s offered in several color options to match the tone of your particular AR. When you choose Phase 5 you choose an all American company and product, your choice does matter.

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